Site analysis or environmental reports

For accurate and trusted site analysis or environmental reports, our featured Partners use Ordnance Survey data to bring you specialist land and property services.

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Land Insight

  • Off-market land finding
  • Ownership information
  • Property information
  • Comparables information
  • Planning policy information

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  • Environmental planning services
  • Environmental risk reports 
  • Environmental risk management
  • Property portfolio management 

Landmark website >


  • Land referencing
  • Development planning
  • Transportation reports
  • Utility reports

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CentreMaps Live

  • Contaminated land studies
  • Flood and ground water assessments
  • Sustainable drainage reports
  • Utility search
  • Geology reports and data

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  • Reports and data for site investigation, screening and risk management
  • Phase 1 Desk Study
  • Underground utility searches
  • Environmental hazards and data
  • High resolution historic mapping

emapsite website >


  • Residential search reports
  • Planning application reports
  • Flood and contaminated land reports
  • Property value impact reports
  • Transport, highways and utility search

Groundsure website >