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Getting started with OS OpenSpace FAQs

How do I start using OS OpenSpace?

Register for your own application programming interface (API) key.

Registration will require you to click accept the terms of the OS OpenSpace Developer Agreement and tell us the URL of where your map will be used. Once you have done this we will email you the details of your API key and then you are ready to start developing your map.

Take a look at our getting started guide, sample code and tutorials to see how to start building your first application and to get the most out of OS OpenSpace – or take a look at the gallery to see other applications.

Is there any special software I need to get started using OS OpenSpace?

No. To use OS OpenSpace all you will need is an internet Browser and Notepad or another text file program (to edit and save your code).

I have never developed a web application before. Are there any tools to help me?

Yes. We offer Web-Map Builder, a tool that will create all of the code for you. All you need to do is decide what size map you want, add your information and click to generate the code.

Once you have created the code, you will need to copy it into your website editor. We have published a series of tutorials which will help you to embed the code into various blog and website editing applications.

What are the terms of use for OS OpenSpace?

The OS OpenSpace developer agreement describes how you can use OS OpenSpace.

Please see our guidance about the permitted uses of OS OpenSpace, such as adding your own information and using in social networks.

Do you have any sample code that I can work with?

Yes, we offer a code playground that gives you sample code for a variety of uses, such as creating a basic map, adding markers and working with boundaries.

Can I charge for access to my OpenSpace application?

No, OS OpenSpace free is not for commercial gain and must be visible on a publicly accessible website. If you wish to create a commercial application then we do have options available to you. Please email newbusinessenquiries@ordnancesurvey.co.uk to request further information on our commercial options.

Video support

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