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Buying a map

What products do you sell?

We sell a wide range of digital map data and paper maps. Our data products are mainly used at work, since you need specialist software to use many of them, whereas our paper maps can be used both on the road, and to help you make the most of the great outdoors.

How do I know which product is suitable for my needs?

Our products are produced at a range of scales, so you can choose the right one for a particular need.

To help you begin to decide which one is most suitable, we would recommend asking yourself some questions such as:

1 What format you want your products in, either:

2 How much detail do you need the map to have?

3 How you want to use the product?

We have a product reference sheet of our digital data products for quick reference, or alternatively, we can help you to choose the right data product based on the criteria above.

Please be aware that a minimum order value applies if you buy some of our raster and vector data products directly from us. You can buy small amounts of data from some of our partners.

Where can I buy a map for a planning application or to register some land?

Detailed maps, centred on the property you wish to develop or on the piece of land you wish to register, are available from our Partners – learn more.

Where can I buy a walking map?

You can buy them from our online map shop or high-street bookshops and stationers.

I would like to buy a walking map that is centred on my favourite location. Where can I buy this?

Our product 'OS Explorer – Custom Made' enables you to centre your walking map on a location of your choice. You may order it online from us.

Where can I buy digital maps for my computer or GPS device?

You can purchase a range of digital mapping products from our online mapshop. These mapping products are based on our maps but created and sold by third-party organisations. So if you have any questions about the products, loading them or technical queries, please contact the organisation direct for technical assistance.

Can I view walking maps online?

Yes, you can view walking maps online in OS Maps. This is also available as a mobile app. You can even use the iOS version when you don't have an Internet connection. The Android version also works if you are viewing the map tile you downloaded which came with your purchase of a paper map.

Can I print off maps for a walk?

Yes. if you take out a subscription to OS Maps, you can print walking maps and, if you wish, add notes to them, create and save routes, and connect your GPS device to it.

How can I obtain map data for my business?

You can either purchase this direct from us or one of our Licensed Partner organisations.

We specialise in selling larger volumes of data and need to create a customer account for you before you can order from us; this entails a credit check. You cannot buy data from us as a one-off card transaction.

If the area you need is quite small, you might get a better price from one of our partners (who may have lower minimum ordering values). Since they are independent resellers of our mapping data, you will need to contact them direct for a quotation.

Nevertheless, should you prefer to purchase the data direct from us, please complete our online quotation form. Once we receive the quotation form we will calculate the cost and contact you with the quote and more information about how to order the data.

I am a student and need some mapping for a project. How do I get this?

If you are a student in an UK higher or further education and your educational institution subscribes to the Edina Digimap service, you will be able to access the majority of our mapping products for free via the Edina online portal. If so, please either contact the representative named on Edina's list of subscribing institutions. Otherwise, please ask your geography department if your institution can become a member.

If you are a pupil under the age of 16, your school map may have access to the Edina Digimap for Schools service. This is a mapping service for schools and is designed to be used both by teachers and pupils. Maps can be printed as PDF files at A3 or A4 size and in landscape or portrait orientation. This is a subscription service to which only teaching staff are granted access. Please ask your geography teacher if your school has signed up and, if so, for help in getting the map you require.

Can I visit your head office to buy a map?

Sorry, no. All of our maps can be purchased direct from our online map shop.

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