Paper Map Copying Licence

We are pleased to offer you a licence to copy Ordnance Survey paper maps subject to the Terms and Conditions for the licence and the provisions below.

Commencement Date 20/05/2024
Initial Term Twelve (12) months

Your annual licence fee will be calculated according to the number of offices/premises you state on the application form.

Annual Licence Fee
Office Number Fee per Office/Premises
Minimum Fee (1 Office) £59.10
First 5 Offices (1-5) £59.10
Next 5 Offices (6-10) £57.50
Next 10 Offices (11-20) £55.60
Next 51 Offices (21-71) £54.00
Maximum Fee for 72 Or More Offices £3945.00

All prices are given in GBP, and are subject to VAT.

Please note that it is Ordnance Survey's policy not to give a refund for a reduction in the number of offices in which copying is taking place, during the term of the licence.

However, when renewing your licence in subsequent years you will have the opportunity to update the number of offices in which copying takes place and you will be charged accordingly.