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    Detailed street-level map

    OS MasterMap Topography Layer

    The most detailed, current and comprehensive map dataset of Great Britain, you can reference your data with it to any real-world feature. This helps you to manage your organisation's assets more effectively.
    Routing information about road network

    OS MasterMap ITN Layer

    A dataset of Great Britain's road network from motorways to urban paths, it includes restrictions such as one-way systems – ideal for navigation applications. View it in context with the Topography Layer.
    Addresses on a street map

    AddressBase Premium

    AddressBase Premium is the most current, comprehensive and accurate geographic dataset available of addresses, properties and land areas where services are provided. It even includes properties yet to be built.
    Aerial photo

    OS MasterMap Imagery Layer

    Expertly colour-balanced and corrected for geometric distortions (orthorectified), this is seamless aerial photography of the highest quality. Over 98% of our imagery is 5 years old or less; 66% is 3 years old or less.
    Aerial image with contour overlay

    OS Terrain 5

    Regularly updated in line with other large-scale datasets, OS Terrain 5 explicitly and accurately models significant features such as roads, railways, quarries and lakes. It’s ideal for flood risk analysis and much more.

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