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Innovation has always been at the centre of what we do.

We help governments make smarter decisions that ensure our safety and security, we show businesses how to gain a location data edge and we help everyone experience the benefits of the world outside

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SBU Leis


Unearth amazing walks and breathtaking scenery while discovering Britain at its best. Whatever your adventure, let us help you find the perfect paths for a cycle with the kids, a stroll with the dog or a hike in a national park.

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Government and public sector


Discover how OS delivers critical infrastructure and services across Britain. From blue lights to streetlights our location data is making a positive difference to public services and decision making every day.

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Transform your business by driving efficiencies with geospatial data insight. Our location expertise, proprietary products and essential partners can help you build a scalable more future-focussed business.

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Explore with OS mapping

For all of Great Britain anytime, anywhere. Discover the outdoors with unlimited maps on any device.

OS data for developers

Build apps, platforms and solutions through APIs. Access a range of open and premium datasets.

OS Newsroom

Discover the latest geospatial news, insights, customer stories and more from the experts at OS.

Advancing sustainability

See how geospatial data is key to helping organisations and nations reach environmental sustainability goals.