Check out some of the great entries we’ve had so far for #OSPhotofit – keep them coming!

We’re three weeks into our new photo competition – #OSPhotofit – and we are over the moon with the response we’ve had so far! We’ve currently received a whopping 5,900 entries and we’re hugely impressed with all of the photos that have been submitted! Take a look at a selection of some of the entries that have caught our eye so far, below.

Tim Boden’s adventurous take on a hike in the Lake District

Tim Boden’s adventurous take on a hike in the Lake District

A beautifully serene snap of the Peak District from Carol Schoen

A beautifully serene snap of the Peak District from Carol Schoen

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Bike vs. Train – the race is on…

heywood-steam-trainToday’s guest blog is written by Steven Rittey, Leisure Cycling and Walking Holidays Manager at Wheel2Wheel Holidays based in Manchester. Steven writes ‘Tales from the Cycle Trails’, a weekly newsletter for leisure cyclists. Here he combines train travel and cycling in a personalised challenge…

Let me put it out there that as much as I love cycling, I also love the railways.

Many of my rides either incorporate train travel to get me to the start or to take me home. I will happily get up at 0500 on a Saturday to jump on one of the first departures from Manchester to anywhere to explore another part of the country on my bike. I have covered thousands of kilometres on my bike and visited much of England and Wales.

Another thing I am deeply passionate about is the idea of local adventure and challenges that are individually created, but not far from your front door. Could I find a way of combining my interests of train travel and cycling in a local challenge? The answer was ‘yes’ and here is the story… Continue reading “Bike vs. Train – the race is on…”

More news on housing ideas selected at GeoVation Camp

We recently announced the successful finalists from our GeoVation Challenge aimed at finding ideas enable people in Britain to live in better places. Following on from this the judging panel met yesterday to confirm the winners and level of funding to be awarded to each finalist.

GeoVation camp

The finalists had submitted venture plans to be reviewed at the meeting and the judges had a difficult decision in deciding how to split the £101,000 in funding from Ordnance Survey (OS) and Land Registry (LR). Continue reading “More news on housing ideas selected at GeoVation Camp”

Choosing the right helmet

cyclingCycling isn’t just loads of fun, it’s a really economical way to get around. Your own energy costs nothing, so with the right bike and a bit of extra equipment, you’ll be ready to save on costly bus tickets and mammoth motoring bills. In order to ride safely, though, you’ll need to get hold of a few accessories, and some are more important than others.

A decent helmet should be at the top of every new cyclist’s shopping list, but with so many on the market, choosing the right one can be difficult. Thankfully, there is a bit of a checklist you can go through to ensure the model you pick up meets all of your needs. Let’s take a closer look at the factors you should be considering. Continue reading “Choosing the right helmet”

A history of paper maps

We’ve recently launched our OS Photofit competition, giving you the chance to see your photos on the latest covers of our paper map ranges. This isn’t the first change we’ve made to our map covers, you can chart their history in this short video:

Our most iconic maps, the pink OS Landrangers and the orange OS Explorers, have been used by walkers, cyclists, climbers and many more for decades – but maybe not for as long as you would think. Continue reading “A history of paper maps”

Useful beginner’s knowledge for outdoor first aid

First aidMany lovers of the great outdoors spend more time learning survival tips they’re very unlikely to need than they do learning simple, essential first aid practices. While these tips might not seem as glamorous, you’ll be happy you know them when you’re out amongst nature with no phone signal.

Of course, first aid isn’t something you can teach in a blog – it requires full training and practical experience. In this article, we’ll be going over some useful beginner’s knowledge and must-have items to get you started on outdoor first aid. Continue reading “Useful beginner’s knowledge for outdoor first aid”

Will the real Albert Square please stand up?

To commemorate thirty years of arguments and fights breaking out in The Queen Vic, cliff-hangers and probably the most instantly recognisable and mimicked drumbeat on television, we’ve searched our database of 460 million unique geographic features for EastEnders-related facts.

AlbertSquareE15 AlbertSquareSW8

Did you know that London boasts not one, but two Albert Squares? The Albert Square we see on TV is a set on the lot of Elstree Studios, Hertfordshire, but the East End does have its very own Albert Square (E15), though it is actually a road and not a square. The other one can be found in the south west of London (SW8). Continue reading “Will the real Albert Square please stand up?”

Talking maps, beautiful Britain and #OSPhotofit with Bonita Norris


Bonita taking part in a TV interview at OS head office

We were thrilled to have Bonita Norris in our head office last week, helping us launch the #OSPhotofit competition. In 2010, at the age of 22, Bonita became the youngest British woman to reach the summit of Everest. Her next challenge is taking her back to the Himalayas and she also squeezes in time to present for Red Bull on extreme sports. So, abseiling down our head office and taking part in dozens of radio and TV interviews on launch day must have seemed like a walk in the park. In between all of the interviews, and filming videos for us on how to enter OS Photofit and how to fold a paper map, we also caught up with Bonita to ask a few questions…

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We’re using the Open Government Licence to encourage greater use of OS OpenData products

As part of ongoing moves to make our data even more accessible and easier for start-ups and others to understand and use, we are pleased to announce that following close work with The National Archives we have now adopted the Open Government Licence (OGL) version 3.0 in place of our OS OpenData licence.

We were delighted to work with the The National Archives throughout 2014, in helping form this new version of the OGL, and were enthusiastic throughout to explain and navigate through previous sticking points that had prevented us from adopting the OGL in its entirety in the past. In particular, one of these sticking points concerned the issue of sublicensing and giving greater clarity as to the applicability of OGL terms to sublicensees, a matter that has been addressed in this new version of the OGL.  Continue reading “We’re using the Open Government Licence to encourage greater use of OS OpenData products”

Things to do in Devon

DevonDevon is a gorgeous place to visit at any time of year. Whether you’re going for a romantic staycation, a fun-filled family day out or a solo walking holiday, you’re in for a real treat. Whilst you may have already booked yourself a luxury hotel or sweet little cottage, do you know what you’re actually going to do in Devon during your visit?

We all know that a Devon cream tea is a must, but if you need a little more inspiration than that, here are some great things you (and the kids) can get up to on your Devonshire holiday. Continue reading “Things to do in Devon”