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Code-Point support

Code-Point® precisely locates 1.7 million postcode units in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Each unit contains an average of 15 adjoining addresses.

Getting started

Code-Point is a powerful insights tool. It shows up geographical hotspots so you can target local action on, for example, petty crime or disease outbreaks.

User guide (PDF)

Our user guide helps you discover the full capabilities of our Code-Point product.

Column headers (CSV)

Use this link to open a CSV file of our already supplied column headers to support your use of Code-Point.

Release note (PDF)

This release note provides information about the latest release of the Code-Point. Updated February 2020.

Code-Point FAQs


Key FeaturesWhat this product offers
FormatComma separated values (CSV)
Data structureVector
AttributesIncludes postcode units, eastings, northings, NHS® health authority codes, administrative codes, PO box indicator and types of delivery points.
ScaleUp to 1:1250
Update frequencyQuarterly – February, May, August and November
SupplyDownload and DVD
CoverageGreat Britain and Northern Ireland