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Ordnance Survey International

  • Advising and supporting national mapping authorities

Advisory services for government agencies

High-quality Information about a country’s geography is a paramount success factor for effective government, as well as economic growth. Sectors including defence, security, land registration, emergency response, urban planning, architecture and construction rely on geospatial information in order to implement and manage world-class public infrastructure and implement a sustainable and diversified economy.

Ordnance Survey International is offering long-term support to key government agencies to embed fit-for-purpose and cost-effective national mapping, addressing and information-sharing solutions as an important building block in a knowledge-based economy. These activities optimise e-government operations, save costs, stimulate economic growth and facilitate partially smarter cities.

Based on Ordnance Survey’s 222-year expertise in creating world-leading mapping and geographic data in Great Britain, Ordnance Survey is offering strategic advice to improve the capability of organisations tasked with the creation and maintenance of maps and geographic data.

Ordnance Survey stands at the forefront globally of advances in geospatial information management, and through Ordnance Survey International other nations can share access this expertise and knowledge.

Ordnance Survey international will be offering government to government advice and guidance relating to:

  • Capacity and capability building
  • Data collection and management
  • Geospatial data management
  • Market development
  • Operational delivery
  • Product development
  • Programme management
  • Supply-chain modelling
  • Strategic review and assessment
  • Technology direction
  • Value of geographic information

Ordnance Survey International supports the British Government’s drive to share and promote the nation’s knowledge and expertise overseas. Ordnance Survey International is advising and supporting national mapping authorities and governments to ensure that they are using GI to support and enable economic growth.

International news

With demand for services increasing, Ordnance Survey International is pleased to welcome Chris Holcroft and John Kedar to the team. Both have a long history of working with Ordnance Survey and the global geospatial industry, bringing a wealth of knowledge to the team.

Ordnance Survey International has announced the signing of a five-year Specialist Advisory Framework Agreement with the Survey and Land Registration Bureau (SLRB) of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Nearly 300 senior leaders in the field of geospatial information will be arriving in Cambridge this week to discuss the future global direction of digital mapping.

The Kingdom of Bahrain has taken a step closer to developing a new 3D enabled spatial data model of the nation following a new partnership between Ordnance Survey International and the Survey and Land Registration Bureau (SLRB).

Ordnance Survey is launching a new international service to help other countries around the world un-tap the multi-million pound potential of accurate geographic information (GI).

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