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Ordnance Survey International

Advising national mapping organisations

At Ordnance Survey International we offer tailored advice to national mapping organisations and government data providers across the globe. Using our wealth of geographic expertise, we can help your country to build national mapping capability to support your long-term vision.

About us

Read more about Ordnance Survey International and how we support national mapping organisations around the world.

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Geographic information is vital

With the right location strategy in place, your country's government will see vast improvements to a number of areas, including:

capacity building | defence and intelligence | economic growth | eGovernment
| emergency response | innovation | sustainable development | transport networks

Working with us

Our Blueprint model can help your mapping organisation implement a long-term strategy that will improve economic growth and sustainability.

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The power of open standards

You can use open standards to capture, manage, mine and share geospatial data across organisational boundaries to give you a consistent, standardised and shared view of location information.

Learn more about how open geospatial standards (PDF) can be used to build a modern national mapping organisation.

International news See International news

Dr Vanessa Lawrence CB, who has led Britain’s national mapping agency for almost 14 years as its Director General and Chief Executive has announced today that from 14 April she will focus for the rest of the year on the growth plans of Ordnance Survey internationally as Secretary General of Ordnance Survey International.

Ordnance Survey and INEGI (Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía) of Mexico have collaborated to produce a paper on ‘how a national mapping authority can benefit from the adoption of international standards’.

Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable MP:

[Ordnance Survey's] move to provide specialist services internationally supports the wider government drive to promote the expertise of the UK overseas.

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