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OS data to reduce traffic congestion

OS data to help reduce traffic congestion and air pollution as well as help self-driving vehicles navigate.

Britain to lead global mapping standards to allow self-driving vehicles to ‘see’ around corners

Great Britain’s National Mapping agency, Ordnance Survey, and the UK’s government-and industry-backed self-driving hub, Zenzic, lay out the importance of collaborative mapping in the development of self-driving vehicles.


Ordnance Survey underpins UK driverless car testing

Ordnance Survey (OS) is one of 11 partners in OmniCAV, a £3.9m project to develop a world-first Artificial Intelligence-based simulation model for testing autonomous car safety.


Westfield Autonomous Vehicles - powered by Ordnance Survey

Westfield Technology Group, a pioneering British vehicle manufacturer, and Ordnance Survey have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to support future Autonomous Vehicle development.


Augmented reality to help people see beyond the map

Ever wondered what the name of that hill is in the distance? Or how far away a town is from the spot you are standing in? Well, all you need is a mobile phone or tablet and Ordnance Survey’s new augmented reality feature will do the rest!