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Solicitors with a Paper Map Copy Licence

This Freedom of Information request asks for a list of solicitors and licensed conveyancers who hold a paper map copying licence.

Partner contracts and licences

Find the latest OS Partner contracts and licences and view a history of all contracts.

Public sector licensing guide

Our resources will help you get the most from your OS products.

Licence exceptions policy

We will grant appropriate licences wherever possible and in line with our Fair Trading Policy. However sometimes there will be licence exceptions.

Public sector licensing: Watermarking

Learn about our copyright guidance for watermarking licensed data.

Licensing and Partners

Getting the most from your OS products through licensing.

Business licensing

Our resources will help you get the most from your OS products.

Helpful licensing terms

This section provides information about some of the more common terms used in our public sector licences.

Trade Mark Licensing application form

Businesses wishing to license the Ordnance Survey brand can register their interest with us by completing this form.

Data Exploration Licence sign up

Register here for your Data Exploration Licence to use Ordnance Survey (OS) data to develop your ideas.

Making licensing simple for easier access to location data

Our Partners rely on our data to run their business. Which is why we’ve transformed the way you can access, use and share our data. It’s now easier to use because we’ve changed our pricing and licensing.

Register for our media licence

Apply to use OS mapping in TV, films, print and online.

Publishing Licence request form

Request to use OS mapping in publications, for merchandise and online.

Publishing OS Data

How your Public Sector Member licence lets you publish OS information and data to support your work.

What you'll get from the OS Partner Programme

As an OS Partner you’ll be updated regularly on our products, plans, licences and contracts.

Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN)

Whilst we are required to license and protect the Crown’s intellectual property rights, we allow the royalty-free use and sub-licensing of Unique Property Reference Numbers (UPRNs) under certain circumstances.

Web map services and web feature services

Here's some guidance for public sector members about making licensed data available via web mapping services.