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Terms and conditions

Here's where you'll find legal terms relating to your use of this website; the online OS shop; our various consumer (mobile and web) apps; and your participation in our prize draws.

We operate a number of different websites, consumer apps (web and mobile) and an online retail shop (together referred to as the OS Sites and/or Services). Below you will find links to the terms and conditions (also referred to in some instances as the End User Licence Agreement or EULA for short) which apply to each of the OS Sites and/or Services named.

We also regularly run prize draws and competitions. Below you will find a link to the General Terms which will always apply to prize draws. These will be supplemented by specific terms relating to each prize draw being run.

We would also refer you to our Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, Accessibility Statement, (and any other terms referred to below) which apply to your access to and use of our OS Sites and/or Services

With some OS Sites and/or Services you will be required to actively accept the terms and conditions/EULA (by way of a click accept or otherwise) before accessing and using them. With other OS Sites and/or Services, your use of them will indicate that you agree to the then current version of the applicable terms and conditions/EULA. In both cases we ask that you read the terms and conditions carefully as they are legally binding on you and consequently you should not use any particular OS Site or Service if you do not accept its user terms and conditions.

We update our terms and conditions/EULA’s from time to time, as we add functionality to a particular OS Site or Service, or for other reasons. We therefore recommend checking them regularly to stay up to date.