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Discover some of the best walking routes in Britain with the OS Pathfinder guide to 100 Outstanding British Walks.

Includes 6-month subscription to OS Maps (activation code in the book).

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“A complete Con! DO NOT BUY this book.”
Philip Weston

‐ 23 May 2019

This is not a Walking Guidebook as such. It’s effectively a compendium of someone’s favourite (hence arbitrary) Walks from the OS Pathfinder Guides & Short Walk & City Walks guides, which require further action before you can actually do a Walk. This not only entails hassle (see below) but also means that you’re paying up to £19.99 (at full price) for a walking book that you can’t simply pack into your backpack and set off to do a Walk.

Firstly, the book itself is too large and cumbersome to carry on a walk.

Secondly, the Walks cover the whole of mainland Britain, so unless you’re an avid traveller and walker, you couldn’t hope to do a large proportion of the Walks.

Thirdly, and mainly, the book / the Walks are incomplete. They lack the Route descriptions / guidelines. So, in order to do a Walk, you have to download the Route Map and the Route description / guidelines from the Ordnance Survey website, and then you have to print it/them off, unless you do the Walk from your Smartphone (not very practical). You could possibly do the Walk without the Route description / guidelines, but the shape and size of the book don’t make it easy to print the Route Map, and unless you used a GPS, you’d most likely get lost many times!

Furthermore, even if you could be bothered going online to download the Route Map and the Route description / guidelines, print it/them off, etc., the OS subscription (provided as a scratch panel in the book) only lasts 6 months. Obviously you wouldn’t do 100 Walks spread across Britain in 6 months. But after 6 months you have to pay from £23.99 to £29.99 per annum renew your subscription in order to access the same information!

All in all, a complete waste of time & money and a big Con to lure you into spending more & more money on the OS website to complete the Walks.


‐ 19 January 2019


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