Garmin 1:50k Full Country SD Card

1:50 000 scale

RRP £149.99

NOW £129.99

Garmin 1:50k Full Country SD Card - OS Landranger mapping for most Garmin handheld GPS devices that have an SD card slot

2018 edition
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3/5 (8 customer reviews)


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“Great mapping - bit pricey”

‐ 20 November 2018

Love OS maps and great to have them on my Edge, but £150 a bit expensive Garmin!

“Latest map data”
Peter W

‐ 15 February 2017

The product provides excellent mapping but my version, supplied with the GPS as a package, is out of date compared to the OS maps subscription service. There is no copyright date or version number on the product so how do I know if I were to buy another one it would contain more recent OS data.

“So close...”
Malcolm Currie

‐ 08 September 2015

OS 1:50000 is simply the best mapping you can get for outdoor activities, so I was keen to get this for my Garmin Edge Touring for use when cycling or mountaineering. This WOULD get 5 stars as a product if it came on a memory card that was big enough to also include and update the base maps that are used for route mapping, etc., but sadly the card is barely big enough for the OS maps let alone any others to make them more usable/accessible. There also doesn't seem to be any option to order pre-loaded on a bigger card, so the whole thing is a massive missed opportunity.

They're still wonderful maps though...!

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