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The most detailed view of Great Britain across all your devices on a 12 month subscription to all 607 OS Leisure Maps for less than 5p per map. Plus easily discover, plan and follow your routes in the great outdoors with 3D imagery, aerial flythroughs, augmented reality and offline access.

One Premium subscription includes both web and app

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“Lovely Ordnace survey mapping with great detail.”
Geoff R

‐ 27 November 2018

It is not perfect and ocasionally plays up, but then what applications doesn`t. ?
I enjoy creating routes with this application and also uploading & downloading GPX routes to and from it, with comparative ease..
Once created routes acn be stored and used again and again. sections of maps can be downloaded for use out and about where you may not be able or do not want to use a phone signal, so your phone gps tracking facility works on its own and tracks your position with the OS map on your lovely bright clear smart phone screen.
As a continuous subscription price of £20, I thnk it is great value. Thats 39 pence a week...whats not to like :))

“Thank goodness it came free with a Trail Magazine subscription”

‐ 12 September 2018

It' terribly clunky (on an Android phone, anyway). The App frequently crashes - it's NOT intutive when it comes to downloading maps (which you will need to do if you want to use them offline - and, let's face it, many hikes are not in mobile phone coverage), and as for downloading routes, oh boy! I show routes on the App which I simply cannot see if I look on the web site. It gets so frustrating, I just kep returning to Viewranger. Sadly, for that, I have to pay for mapping, but at least it's stable and far less frustrating.
Good start, OS, but this needs a LOT of work if it's to be more than just a neat toy to messa round with on a computer.

“Great in principle, shoddy implementation”
Dom Benson

‐ 02 September 2018

This should be a great web app, unfortunately it is extremely unreliable. The phone app (Android) will often refuse to display maps, even ones downloaded to the phone, and there is a persistent problem with the location icon not displaying on the map, making it useless for navigation. The web app is unreliable too. For the past couple of weeks I have been unable to look at the routes I've created, I just get an error message "unfortunately we cannot load your routes at this time" - there is no indication why this happens or when the routes will be available. My advice would be: don't pay for the premium access, it sounds very reasonably priced, but the reliability issues mean you'll have to buy paper maps and use those to plan anyway,

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