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The most detailed view of Great Britain across all your devices on a 12 month subscription to all 607 OS Leisure Maps for less than 5p per map. Plus easily discover, plan and follow your routes in the great outdoors with 3D imagery, aerial flythroughs, augmented reality and offline access.

One Premium subscription includes both web and app

3.5/5 (17 customer reviews)


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“Using your own reference names....”
Christine Fowler

‐ 05 July 2018

Having asked OS about being able to add a note to my purchased maps customer service did come back to me and offer me a free upgrade from mapfinder which I currently have installed on my phone and would also add my purchased maps - which is great - but my current issue is in all of my purchased maps there is only the map reference to identify them - consequently I literally have to open each one to find the one Im looking for....
I would love to be able to add a name such as "Buttermere" or "Stour Valley" so I can easily look at my saved and purchased maps - it seems to be such a simple thing that maybe should have been looked at in the planning stage of building this app.....
I look at my(long!) list and SM 94 literally means nothing to me.... !

“Lovely maps, shame about the search facility”
James Hood

‐ 11 April 2018

Maps does what it says on the tin, and gives 1:25000 maps of the whole of the UK on desktop or mobile. However I've used it a lot recently for historical research, and I have to say that the search facility is useless. This is because they have loaded only a small proportion of the names written on the maps into their database. I frequently have to use Google Maps to find out where somewhere is, then jump back to OS maps to look at it on a proper map.

Actually on reflection the search is worse than useless, because instead of saying not found, it uses a predictive feature to work out what it thinks you are searching for and takes you somewhere else. (Example: enter Loudon, which is Ayrshire, Scotland, and Maps takes you to Bouldon in Shropshire).

I simply cannot believe that the OS does not have a complete geo-referenced database of every place name in the UK. It can't be bothered to go to the trouble of using it for this application.


‐ 03 April 2018

I have been an enthusiastic subscriber to OS maps for several years. I use it mainly for plotting walking routes. My main criticism of an otherwise excellent system is its instability. For no apparent reason, the scale can zoom in and out alarmingly, and the entire page can lurch away from the area being plotted. There must be a way of locking the display to stop this very frustrating fault; but if so I haven't discovered it. The longer I use the app, the more irritating the waste of time and effort gets!

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