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A study in success

GLA needed to predict and prepare for 4,000 extra primary and secondary classes in London by 2020. To map out the Mayor’s Vision, PSMA data played a crucial role in:

  • Creating one system London-wide for all schools.
  • Presenting clear and unique picture of catchment and predicted population.
  • Visualising current and future school place requirements.
  • Drawing detailed maps for potential new schools.
  • Avoiding high consultancy costs by keeping project internal.

The Public Services Mapping Agreement (PSMA) includes datasets like OS MasterMap® Topography Layer used in this case.

You too can clearly see, understand and make the best of your assets.

"The London Schools Atlas project has achieved cost efficiency through the development of a single portal, removing the need for individual London Boroughs to develop their own. By using our inhouse expertise, GLA has also saved the considerable potential cost of external consultancy. The value of the London-wide PSMA holding that we used runs into several million pounds."

Paul Hodgson, GIS & Infrastructure Manager
Greater London Authority (GLA)

The products used

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