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'FIND-IT' helps to focus on the right locations

  • FIND-IT, in combination with a suite of targeting processes, has enabled us to work more efficiently and effectively.

    Emily Tudball, Intelligence Officer, HSE

The ‘FIND-IT’ tool, developed by the Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL), uses Ordnance Survey’s detailed AddressBase dataset to search and filter results to pinpoint geographical locations across a suite of Ordnance Survey raster datasets. The product caption enables the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) staff to rapidly identify and prioritise high-risk businesses for inspection along with their locations.

The challenge

The UK Government has signalled its clear commitment to reducing the impact of regulation on businesses.

In doing so, it also wants regulators, such as the HSE, to be more accountable for their activities and to focus their resources on areas where they will be most effective.

For the HSE, a key challenge has been to reduce the number of ‘redundant’ site visits; these are visits based on insufficient information sources, resulting in inspectors going to sites where there has since been a change of ownership or the occupants have simply left. In some cases this results in inspectors being unable to find the location at all.

The solution

The FIND-IT tool, underpinned by geographic data from Ordnance Survey, has transformed HSE inspection activities. Using the intuitive map-based interface, HSE’s staff can now confidently identify and locate businesses considered to be at high risk of breaching regulations.

By reducing the time it takes to plan an inspector’s schedule and prioritising the visits they make. Since its introduction we have seen a reduction in ‘redundant’ visits to business that have closed down. Furthermore, feedback from staff has said that the new processes are improving relationships between admin staff and inspectors.

Emily Tudball, Intelligence Officer, HSE

FIND-IT uses Ordnance Survey’s detailed AddressBase dataset to search and filter results, to pinpoint the geographical position of a business across a suite of Ordnance Survey raster datasets. This information is combined with other (often very disparate) datasets held by HSE and others, which enables HSE to target its inspections and allows information to be checked and validated prior to any visit. The system also provides a clear, evidence-based audit trail showing why each visit has been made and where it took place. This can then be used in the HSE’s management information, to drive continual improvements and maximise efficiency.

FIND-IT has been developed by HSL, whose expertise is based on science and research combined with knowledge (investigating over 200 serious incidents a year on behalf of HSE). The tool is powered by Ordnance Survey data supplied under the Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA).

The PSMA provides access to core Ordnance Survey geographic datasets, which are free at the point of use for all eligible public sector bodies and provide a common geographic framework to enable data sharing between organisations.

The benefits

  • Improved efficiency by targeting regulatory activity to high-risk areas.
  • More effective and efficient use of resources.
  • Evidence-based audit trail to improved transparency and accountability.
  • Easy identification and risk ranking of new businesses.
  • Validated information which reduces errors in the field.

The products used

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