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Case studies

Discover how OS data helps businesses and the public sector make better decisions, work smarter and deliver more responsive services.

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Helping Northumbrian Water create the first underground utilities map

How Northumbrian Water and Ordnance Survey created the first North East Underground Infrastructure Hub of underground services.

Connecting BT to the first geospatial data set for the UK including Northern Ireland

Combining data from Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland in one seamless service to create a dataset for the UK.

Using OS data to help fix the housing market

By using Ordnance Survey mapping and overlaying relevant data, Sprift, a UK tech start-up and OS Licensed Partner, have brought together all the intelligence on any property in the country, in one place, online.

OS data helps safeguard moorland life

OS data helped the Moors for the Future Partnership to create a Land Cover Map to plan its environmental regeneration.

The MAGIC map of a Natural England

Using OS mapping, Landmark Solutions created an online portal to help over 2,000 people a day visiting Natural England's MAGIC website.

Using GIS to plan for housing growth

Broxtowe Borough Council used mapping from Ordnance Survey to overlay relevant data and build a detailed and accurate picture of local authority sites which could be re-developed for housing.

Protecting the City of York from flooding – with new mapping app.

York City Council’s flood team can now easily record, share and visualise gully information on any hand-held device, thanks to an ESRI app and detailed Ordnance Survey mapping.

Centralised data. Improved response.

BTP uses Aligned Assets’ Bluelight Gazetteer, which uses AddressBase Premium, to create and manage local records about railway stations, rail and tramlines, and rail depots.

Keeping the City of London moving with detailed OS data

OS data helps the City of London manage complex transport infrastructure with minimum disruption to commuters.

Keeping on top of development with OS data

By using the most up-to-date geographic data from Ordnance Survey, Milton Keynes Council ensures that all new developments are quickly provided with the services they need.

Powys creates a single highways data set

To improve service delivery and efficiency, Powys County Council has brought together road maintenance, refuse collection and winter gritting, underpinned by detailed mapping data.

Northumberland National Park's challenge

Northumberland National Park (NNP) is the northernmost national park in England. For Walk In The Park, David needed to find the shortest, safest route between its most northerly and southerly points, taking in points of interest. Thanks to various data sets from OS, the final route was calculated in seconds, not days.

OS data and web  services supporting  ambulance dispatch  on Isle of Wight.

The Isle of Wight NHS® Trust needed to make its ambulance service more efficient. It replaced its out-of date addressing and basic mapping with more detailed, hosted Ordnance Survey data sets which identified more patient locations to help meet their eight-minute response time.

OS data supports Birmingham’s perinatal mental health service

Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust needed to assess how well the service was meeting its population’s needs so that barriers to accessing services could be identified and overcome.

OS Places brings change, performance enhancements and cost savings to the BGS

To streamline the British Geological Survey's (BGS) addressing within its GeoReports service, it used Ordnance Survey’s OS Places API, resulting in cost and efficiency savings.

Waste Management - OS data saves Bolton Council £400k per year.

Using OS data and other council data sets, Bolton Council redesigned collection rounds to deliver cost savings of around £400k per year.

OS Places API – helping the NAFN fight fraud

NAFN needed to refine and improve its address file, so turned to Ordnance Survey’s OS Places API which has saved considerable time, money and resources.

DECC predict smart meter network coverage

In July 2015, the DEC worked with OS to predict the number of premises at which an 868MHz HAN solution would work.

Scotland maps out its hotspots to champion energy efficiency

The Scottish government has used OS data under the One Scotland Mapping agreement to create Scotland’s Heat Map.

OS maps help win the case for 20mph speed limits.

The City of Edinburgh is rolling out a £2 million programme of 20mph speed limits for city centre roads – a first for Scotland.

Getting fire crews to the scene quicker

North West Fire Control (NWFC) handles 999 emergency calls for Cheshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester and Lancashire. OS data helps it provide a faster, more efficient service.

Identifying priority habitats for wildlife – with OS data.

Natural England's priority habitat inventories hold data about nationally important areas of conservation (such as lowland meadows and blanket bog). However, the varying quality of information made the database difficult to maintain. Thanks to OS’s MasterMap Topography Layer, the separate datasets have been consolidated into a single layer, saving staff time, effort and money.

Edinburgh Council releases geographic data to empower citizens.

The City of Edinburgh Council has released over 25 different datasets. OS’s new Presumption to Publish process has supported this open data initiative.

More efficient waste routes save council £200,000 in first year

Using mapping datasets from Ordnance Survey, and route optimisation software, South Cambridgeshire District Council saved £200,000 in 2014-15, with a further £400,000 forecast in 2015-16.

A more efficient school admissions process with OS data

Using the OS MasterMap Integrated Transport Network (ITN) Layer, the Rochdale admissions team reduced the time calculating the distance between pupils’ homes and schools by 97%.

SEPA see the benefits of migrating to a customisable OS mapping dataset.

SEPA moved from 1:10 000 Scale Colour Raster to OS VectorMap Local because they could style it to suit their needs.

OS mapping keeps NHS running smoothly through the Tour de Yorkshire

Thanks to OS mapping and the ResilienceDirect™ data sharing platform, NHS® organisations could share and visualise data to support the Tour de Yorkshire event.

Norfolk Council saves £300k on its winter road service

Using OS data and a web based routing tool, savings of £300k were made by re-thinking the delivery of winter road services.

South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive saves £400,000 in one year thanks to OS data

Using a range of datasets from OS, the development of a CRM and an integrated customer facing web portal gave SYPTE a single view of their customers to deliver better service and savings.

Newcastle City Council saves £100k in refuse collection fuel costs

By using free PSMA data, better route planning has cut the number of refuse vehicles needed, shortened bin rounds and reduced the council's fuel bill.

Finding smarter energy solutions for Milton Keynes

Using datasets from OS, MK:Smart Future Cities is creating an Open Energy Map which will help identify properties suitable for sustainable energy schemes.

Scottish local government makes significant efficiency savings through myaccount service

The Improvement Service, supporting local governance in Scotland, has refreshed the historic Citizen Account Service (CAS) with a new programme called myaccount, with the help of AddressBase Premium.

OS Data helps Walsall save lives

A bespoke Skid Priority System has been created to pinpoint roads warranting further investigation and prioritise safety measures where needed.

OS data targets help for troubled families

OS data helped Bristol City Council identify families eligible for The Troubled Families programme.

OS pioneers smarter surveillance for smarter cities

OS has provided spatial intelligence for smarter surveillance in cities – including the City of Salford in Greater Manchester – to reduce crime, support local authorities and eventually allow us to create much safer, more connected cities.

Intelligent highway maintenance – with OS data

Ordnance Survey’s digital data is helping make highway maintenance smart and connected to reduce environmental impact and running costs.

A safe and successful running of the first Tour of Yorkshire – thanks to OS data

Ordnance Survey data helped North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC), Welcome to Yorkshire, Amuary Sports Organisation and other public sector partners to plan and deliver a successful cycling event.

OS data helps keep the lights on in the Borough of Poole

Ordnance Survey is helping Poole Borough Council harness digital technology to identify problems with street lighting and make the city’s infrastructure smarter and more efficient.

OS data highlights Glasgow as an innovative Future City

Future City Glasgow will demonstrate how technology can make life in the city smarter, safer and more sustainable. Open data was a critical part of the project and, with OS, GCC facilitated access to detailed spatial datasets.

£74k savings to Cambridgeshire social services - thanks to OS data

Thanks to OS, social workers now have more time to work directly with their allocated families.

Two villages, one council: Delivering savings and best practice

Using OS data,villages have successfully merged, saving money & resources.

Fast. Accurate. Responsive.

Through utilising OS products, the South Devon Healthcare Foundation Trust (NHS) can now respond to an increasing demand for patient travel with the same resources.

Saving properties and lives from flooding

During the 2014 floods, Basingstoke Borough Council used OS maps with other data to get a detailed picture of the flood situation and allocate resources.

Natural England identifies greener opportunities for wildlife and network resilience

Under the Government's Natural Environment White Paper,the areas of vegetation growing alongside roads and railways – known as green corridors – are to be enhanced as part of a £3 million pilot project fronted by Natural England.

Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council rises to a steep environmental challenge

Thanks to OS data, Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council now has an accurate digital dataset that gives a clearer, current view of many aspects of slope assessment - and supports its green agenda to increase biodiversity across the region.

Targeted financial support – thanks to OS data

HMRC has used OS data to increase the take-up of tax credits so that disabled workers, people on low incomes or responsible for children receive the benefits they deserve.

£300,000 saved on council waste routes

Using free PSMA data from OS, Sunderland Council has re-organised refuse collection routes, saving thousands in fuel, vehicle and staff costs.

£150 million awarded to tackle crime

Data from OS allowed NOMS to map a range of statistics according to region to help their offender programme and meet performance targets.

A future for wildlife – mapped with OS

The National Forest Company (NFC) is leading one of the country’s boldest environmental projects: Creating a new, wooded landscape for the nation across 200 square miles of central England. OS MasterMap data helped The NFC model different habitats and ecological networks.

OS data drives Tour de France forward

Accurate geographic information enabled Calderdale Council to support stage two of the 2014 Tour de France safely, successfully and profitably.

Getting there quicker with Geotracker

The London Ambulance Service takes some 5,400 emergency calls a day. To monitor crews locations it developed Geotracker, a real-time web map application.

Addressing data is a lifesaver for the Fire and Rescue service

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service efficiently identifies resources closest to incidents – and saves lives - having migrated to AddressBase Premium.

OS mapping ‘makes huge impact’ on fire safety

Challenged to do more with less, West Midlands Fire Service used OS OpenData and the PSMA to access a wide variety of mapping, reducing licensing overheads.

OS data helps keep hospital open for stroke patients

Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA) data from OS provided critical evidence leading to Somerset CCG keeping stroke services at both Yeovil and Taunton hospitals.

MyNorwich: Improved, more accessible information

Norwich City Council has launched the MyNorwich website, developed with partners and Local Government Shared Services (LGSS), saving time and money.

Hot Blocking targets crime reduction for safer streets

Hot Blocking is a crime mapping method showing where the risk of violent street crime is highest. OS MasterMap Integrated Transport Network Layer (ITN) data helps to create safer streets.

Helping Land Registry to become a leader in digital land registration services

MapSearch uses Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA) data supplied by OS and index data from Land Registry to enable customers to search land titles online.

Informing policy: consistent cross referencing of data

Utilising the Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) address data from OS, the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) works to make sure the UK has secure, clean, affordable energy supplies.

Gateshead Council saves £400,000 a year thanks to OS data

Gateshead Council needed to make their Waste Management Services more efficient. Using PSMA data from OS for route optimisation, it saved time and money.

Spatial data simplifies complex planning information for onshore wind generation

Moray Council identified key strategies that had to be considered as part of the development of wind farms within their administrative area.

Walsall Council's emergency drainage calls halved with Gully SMART

KaarbonTech has developed a solution that enables Walsall Council to forestall emergency call-outs through better drain maintenance and save money.

OS data brings the past to the people

Thanks to OS mapping provided under the One Scotland Mapping Agreement, you can explore key datasets about the historic environment on the PastMap website.

Aqua Underwriting: accurate bespoke underwriting for high net worth customers

Aqua underwrite for the like of the rich and famous and wanted an accurate, fast and reliable way of assessing risk, allowing them to win more business.

New data software saves council £50k across winter months

Using OS data, KaarbonTech has delivered a solution to Surrey County Council that has saved £50k in year 1 and improved grit bin provision for residents.

Uniting 32 Scottish authorities saves money and resources

Using OS data, a national Scottish Greenspace Map – the first of its type in the world – has been developed, saving time, money and resources.

The Land Information Search supports the rural community in Scotland

The Forestry Commisssion's new web map application is giving people in the rural community access to large volumes of data, saving time, effort and money.

Dundee saves over £10,000 managing flood risk

OS MasterMap Networks Water Layer has helped Dundee Council and other organisations to draft effective flood risk management policies.

‘Report It’ helps council work quicker and save money

By introducing a new online reporting tool, Poole Borough Council has increased the number of website users and become more efficient, while saving money.

OnDemand data helps the IPCC work efficiently and effectively

Thanks to OS OnDemand and the PSMA, the IPCC can freely access mapping data via the web, instead of relying on map extracts supplied by Police forces.

Teignbridge District Council cuts cost by £60k

By automating their Local Land Charge process and introducing GIS Teignbridge District Council has reduced the amount of time and staff needed for each search.

GLA Schools Atlas saves London money

GLA needs 4,000 extra primary and secondary classes in London by 2020. PSMA data played a crucial role in creating one London-wide system for all schools.

Cutting back on the cost of obesity

Obesity is a huge problem in the UK. In Birmingham, 29% of the adult population and 25% of 11–12 year olds are obese. Tackling it is a priority.

HomeProtect: Improving home insurance pricing and reducing claims

Neil Huzinga, Chief Product Officer, Avantia Group, describes how AddressBase Premium has helped to reduce the price of 80% of quotes and reduce the numbers of claims they've incurred during the winter floods.

Surveying historic buildings in a cost-efficient manner

An updated record of buildings at risk (BAR) is helping the North York Moors National Park Authority (NYMNPA) understand the local heritage resources and target the buildings and owners most in need of assistance.

Ordnance Survey maps out the future of the Government’s regional aid policy

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) has launched a new web portal powered by Ordnance Survey map data to underpin the development of the 2014–20 UK Assisted Areas Map.

Cornwall Council’s seamless base-map improves customer experience

In a survey over a third of the users of the existing web mapping agreed with the statement ‘I don’t like the way the map changes style as I zoom in and out’. This prompted Cornwall Council to create their own zoom stack mapping styled from Ordnance Survey contextual vector products.

Office for National Statistics created output areas using Ordnance Survey and census data

Thanks to the PSMA, ONS was able to use address data to define 175,000 output areas - groups of about 40 households - for which it reports demographic data.

Health matters. Geographic information gets to the heart of it

The creation of Health Maps Wales using Ordnance Survey geographic information has provided an invaluable resource for public health professionals to quickly uncover patterns, trends or irregularities through simple visual analysis of data.

Banbury Town Council empowered by GIS across its services

Banbury Town Council is a large town council with a population of 46,000 and turnover of almost £2 million a year. It was formed in 2000, and prior to 2010, did not hold a land terrier, comprehensive asset register or any graphical data on the inspection of its trees.

Addressing data used to clean and verify the 2011 Census address register

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is the UK’s largest independent producer of official statistics and is charged with the collection and publication of statistics related to the economy, population and society of England and Wales at a national, regional and local level.

Ordnance Survey data maps out Northumberland Dark Sky Park

By introducing lighting controls to prevent light pollution

Improved route analysis delivers time and cost savings in South Ayrshire

Having already realised significant efficiencies through geographical information systems (GIS) related projects, South Ayrshire Council continues to develop new ways of using geographic information to improve its services.

Prepare. Prevent. Protect.

By sharing accurate and comprehensive address information across back-office systems, Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) focuses resources on specific areas of need.

Visualising customer data to provide valuable insights

When marketing software company Citrus Analytics needed to create a customer mapping solution as part of their Zest customer analytics software package, their first port of call was OS OpenData™.

Newport City Council addresses the economic challenges through effective use of location information and customer insight

Newport City Council is transforming the way it delivers its services to ensure the public needs are met, while adapting to the economic climate. The council has launched a range of campaigns to encourage and promote behavioural change and to deliver services direct to where they’re needed most – one of which is 'Save time, go online'.

Ducklington Parish Council connects services to residents through using OS OpenSpace maps

Ducklington Parish Council uses Ordnance Survey's OpenSpace maps to communicate important events and incidents, such as road closures and planning applications.

Digital mapping empowers Ash Parish Council to take ownership of its assets

Ash Parish Council signed up for the Public Sector Mapping Agreement and used a web map tool for parish councils to access our high-quality geographic data.

Unlocking the potential of open data in transport planning

CH2M HILL's Transport Planning team provide solutions for local authority clients to understand the impacts of bus network provision and changes to it. They used OS OpenData to help them.

New approach to data supply saves Forestry Commission at least £50,000 a year

Adopting a different approach to data supply has enabled Forestry Commission to deliver significant efficiency and financial savings. Geographic context is provided by a range of Ordnance Survey data.

Open-source GIS enables new usage of Ordnance Survey data within Neath Port Talbot Council

With a drive for efficiency savings and a need for more council services to use geographical information systems (GIS), open-source software has enabled more departments within the council to start using GIS for the first time.

Openreach using OS OnDemand

Openreach is now making use of Ordnance Survey's web mapping service, OS OnDemand.

Mapping the way to economic growth using digital data from Ordnance Survey

Sir Andrew Witty published the preliminary findings of his independent review of universities and economic growth, underpinned by digital mapping data from Ordnance Survey.

UIA: Reducing poor risks and improving customer service

UIA, a mutual insurance company, has just started to use Ordnance Survey data to gain a better understanding and more complete picture of risk.

Warwickshire County Council's new web GIS increases users with no extra cost

Adopting an open-source solution for the council's internal web geographical information system (GIS) has provided flexibility and ease of use of Ordnance Survey products and council information.

OS OpenData mapping significantly improves cost and time efficiency

Rubicon Heritage Services Ltd uses OS OpenData to cope with archaeological or heritage requirements – an ideal solution providing them with the background mapping free of charge, available on demand and without any complicated licensing restrictions.

Ordnance Survey mapping data used to further enhance consultation portal

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England has introduced new functionality to its consultation portal – enhanced by Ordnance Survey mapping data.

Maritime and Coastguard Agency deploys vernacular geography solution to help pinpoint exact incident locations

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) is deploying FINTAN, a solution created by Ordnance Survey's Research department to enable the capture, storage and display of the information about the names people use to refer to locations.

'FIND-IT' helps to focus on the right locations

The 'FIND-IT' tool, developed by the Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL), uses Ordnance Survey’s detailed AddressBase dataset to search and filter results to pinpoint geographical locations across a suite of Ordnance Survey raster datasets.

Using social networking to spread the word about flood risk

The FloodAlerts app is the first graphical representation of flood warnings on a social network.

Simplifying search results to streamline health service staff response times

HealthGIS GP Finder provides access to up-to-date, accurate registration information for both primary care support services and GP contract administrators – with the help of Ordnance Survey mapping data.

New integrated waste and recycling contract not only saves South Staffordshire Council money but increases customer satisfaction

South Staffordshire Council used a number of Ordnance Survey products, including OS VectorMap District and OS MasterMap Integrated Transport Network (ITN) Layer, to record and display a range of data around waste and recycling.

Making complex statistical information accessible and easy-to-understand

Ordnance Survey mapping data, supplied under the Public Sector Mapping Agreement, provides a consistent geographic framework for collating, presenting and analysing complex data for the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Digital mapping underpins local Community Payback projects in Staffordshire and West Midlands

Staffordshire and West Midlands Probation Trust is using geography and technology to engage the public and improve its Community Payback programme.

Points of Interest saves days on community facility audits

Cardiff County Council uses the cross reference to OS MasterMap Topography Layer within Points of Interest, to create new polygon layers of the different types of community or commercial use. This helps with the creation of community mapping documents.

Pinpointing patients and practice areas to improve services and efficiency

Understanding the distribution of patients within a practice area is vital for planning the delivery of healthcare services, whilst making efficiency savings. GP Practice Maps provide geographical context to patient data.

Improving primary care out-of-hours services in Somerset

During 2012–13, Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group undertook a strategic review of the primary care out-of-hours service across the county, with the help of Ordnance Survey products.

Improved Special Needs Transport (SNT) services with cost savings of £300,000 per year

Harrow Council aims to deliver significant cost savings by using route optimisation techniques and Ordnance Survey data to reduce vehicles used.

Geospatial data powers national and local provision of sport

Using geospatial data provided under the Public Sector Mapping Agreement, Sport England has developed Active Places Power, an interactive mapping and reporting tool for community sport development.

Sustain works with social housing providers

Sustainability management has been greatly improved for social housing providers by using maps to understand their data, thanks to Sustain's application.

Scottish and Southern Energy

Learn how OS MasterMap® Imagery Layer enables Scottish and Southern Energy to manage its extensive network of overhead power lines more efficiently.

NIG puts geospatial tools at the heart of underwriting

Geospatial tools allow underwriters to access geographic risk data giving them an instant and unique picture of each risk, at an individual address level using Ordnance Survey mapping and addressing data.

Managing risk accumulations at Allianz

Allianz explains how OS data helped in improving business efficiencies.

Aviva harnesses the power of geographic intelligence for underwriting

Aviva shares how Ordnance Survey mapping data is improving underwriting commercial property insurance policies.

The Scottish Road Works Register

How roads authorities and utilities cooperated to produce a centralised national roadworks register with OS MasterMap at its core.

From ground to record in 24 hours

Thanks to OS data, Yorkshire Water has saved 200 man-days in field visits.

Business-wide use of geographic information

A Central Spatial Repository is enabling 1600 users to view complex geographic information and make better operational decisions.

Optimising emergency water supply

Using geographic information has enabled Anglian Water to decide where best to site mobile bowsers in the event that mains water supplies are disrupted.

Educated guesses

Mike Sanderson from 1Spatial explains how to quickly and cheaply get a handle on private sewer assets and how they fit with the wider network.

Achieving major savings

United Utilities uses OS MasterMap to improve service levels, water quality and business performance.

Consolidate to accumulate. Downsizing a £1.8bn annual bill

BEIS intends to reduce the number of premises it uses from around 200 to between 50 and 70. Geographic information plays an important role in the programme.

Putting the local into location-based advertising to target specific audiences

T4 Media offers national advertising opportunities at some 5 000 transport-related locations across the UK. OS OpenData is a key marketing analysis tool.

Looking to the past to help plan for the future

Lovell funds designs and builds new homes as well as refurbishes and repairs homes. It uses Promap, an online system offering property professionals instant, easy and reliable access to Ordnance Survey mapping.

Thames Valley Housing maps out savings of £2 million within 10 years, without impacting on service

Investing in geographic information systems is enabling Thames Valley Housing to save £200,000 in grounds maintenance costs each year – without compromising its quality of service.

Speedy access to accurate mapping for land and property management

Promap enables Bell Ingram to view maps, measure site access and identify boundaries, making negotiations on behalf of its customers more effective.

Propertywide.co.uk uses Ordnance Survey data for a unique house-hunting experience

Ordnance Survey data enables Propertywide to provide relevant property information the right time in the customer journey, thus boosting conversion rates.

Architects maintain competitive edge using FIND Maps with OS Mastermap

FIND Maps has added value to OS MasterMap by reorganising the feature layers within the map.

Why maps are good for your health

NHS Kent and Medway is improving the planning and redesign of its services via a web-enabled evidence-based application built around geographic information from Ordnance Survey.

Helping Cardiff residents to find local council services and amenities

Cardiff Council’s online mapping portal enables residents to find quickly and easily local services, places of interest, useful information and links.

Managing incidents in real-time during the London 2012 Olympic Games and beyond

High-quality mapping from Ordnance Survey was used to help manage incidents at the London 2012 Olympic Games – and beyond.

Providing ‘on-the-go’ news for City commuters

City of London partner Renew relies on mapping to develop and expand an innovative network of 100 bomb-proof recycling bins.

Making electoral boundaries clear, interactive and accessible

A new web portal, underpinned by geographical information from Ordnance Survey, is helping to make electoral boundaries clearer.

Ordnance Survey data helps Transport Scotland deliver The Forth Replacement

Ordnance Survey data is providing Transport Scotland with the best possible detail as it oversees construction of the Forth Replacement Crossing.

Tell Us Once aims to ease the burden of reporting a bereavement

Ordnance Survey data underpins a new joined-up service that enables people to notify a birth, death or change in circumstance more easily, improving efficiency and delivering cost savings.

Ordnance Survey maps improve health care in North Essex

From accurately targeting 'no smoking' campaigns to plotting take-up of immunisation programmes, geographic information is improving healthcare in North Essex.

Using geographic information for the benefit of local communities in Wales

In March 2008, the Post Office announced proposals to close five Post Offices in Powys permanently. Learn how geographic information from Ordnance Survey enabled the council to respond.

Ensuring the safety and security of London 2012

To ensure safety and security during the Olympics Games, the Metropolitan Police needed an easy and secure way to view and share maps and other information.

Church Commissioners digitise mapping database

By moving to a digital geographical information system, the Church Commissioners have saved on time, legal fees and staff costs in asserting mineral rights.

 Maintaining an accurate and detailed boundary network

Ordnance Survey geographic information is essential to ensure that the electoral area boundaries in England are accurate and detailed.

Using Ordnance Survey data to improve patient care

NHS Grampian serves a mixed urban and rural population of 526,000 people in the north-east corner of Scotland. Learn how it uses geographic information from Ordnance Survey.

Realising efficiency gains at Cardiff Council’s Schools

Thanks to mapping and geographic analysis, Cardiff Council is making substantial savings in school place and transport provision.

Ordnance Survey data underpins the Common Operational Picture

By deploying a bespoke geographical information system, the Lincolnshire Resilience Forum has enabled all its members to share sensitive and critical data. Ordnance Survey data has played a fundamental role in underpinning this work.

Web mapping service delivers £100,000 investment saving

The Coal Authority uses OS OnDemand to provide instant access to the latest and most accurate map data to customers using its consumer portal.

Swift responses and high-quality advice enabled by single integrated data asset

For the first time, The Coal Authority has a single integrated system that provides the up-to-date information, including Ordnance Survey products, that they need.

Southwark Council makes efficiency gains with Contractor Link and the PSMA

Learn how Contractor Link – created by emapsite, a Premier Partner of Ordnance Survey – enables Southwark Council to avoid the overhead of administering the supply of maps to contractors.

Essex County Council chooses Contractor Link for PSMA contractor management

Contractor Link, controlled by the Public Sector Mapping Agreement, is a unique mapping portal from Ordnance Survey Premier Partner emapsite, and addresses the issues that Essex County Council faced, such as distributing mapping for specific projects, licensing and copyright.

Enabling easier access to Hampshire’s countryside

Hampshire County Council promotes public rights of way by making mapping easily available to download or browse online, with the help of Ordnance Survey's 1:10 000 Scale Raster product.

On-the-spot access to accurate mapping underpins the search for missing people

Through the Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA), HANTSAR gains affordable and easy access to the accurate and up-to-date mapping data it needs to do its job effectively.

Mapping saves investigators' time

Stratford-on-Avon District Council's fraud investigation team is using Public Sector Mapping Agreement data in order to reduce or avoid costly and time-consuming site visits.

Making the most of public sector assets by sharing land and buildings

Combining or sharing geographic information to identify the location of assets, is just one of the ways in which public sector organisations are reducing costs and improving efficiencies in Ayrshire.

Helping the NHS get into SHAPE

NHS® staff across the country are being urged to get into SHAPE – a web-enabled, evidence-based application that is built around Ordnance Survey's accurate geographic information, that can radically improve the planning and redesign of health services.

Effective planning of patient services in Birmingham

Ordnance Survey digital mapping data is making a major difference to the effective planning of patient services.

Ordnance Survey partner solution allows effective management of cemetery

Chesham Town Council identifies potential new income of £12,000 by managing its cemetery effectively using Ordnance Survey’s highly-detailed, large-scale mapping.

Better rural bus services for less in Lincolnshire

By relying on Ordnance Survey mapping data, Lincolnshire County Council reduces its supported bus services budget by £1,000,000 yet provides a more efficient and popular rural bus service.

Public sector procurement partnership enables creation and sharing

Perth & Kinross and Angus councils worked in partnership to procure WEB-based geographic information systems that would encourage data sharing and collaborative working. Location Centre, delivered by Ordnance Survey Licensed Partner Forth Valley GIS, helped to achieve this.

Clutter-free, customisable mapping enhances customer experience at Gwynedd

Gwynedd Council uses maps to present, manage and analyse a wide range of information, including polling stations, registry offices and care homes.

Significant savings made with online planning service

North Somerset Council uses its website to reduce the number of invalid planning applications, saving time and cost. It uses a range of Ordnance Survey mapping datasets to deliver easy-to-use and easy-to-interpret mapping.

New mapping website makes traffic data more accessible

A new traffic count website, built using Ordnance Survey's OpenSpace API, provides a definitive source of traffic data to the public, delivering cost savings and efficiency improvements for the Department of Transport.

£2 000 000 saving from Gloucestershire County Council’s annual transport spend

Gloucestershire County Council relies on geographic information to rationalise the county’s concessionary bus policy and assist the decision-making process for tendered bus services.

 Enabling participation in public consultations

The Boundary Commission for Scotland now enables people to participate in reviews via its website, a key component of which are interactive maps. It uses Ordnance Survey digital data supplied under the One Scotland Mapping Agreement (OSMA).

When every minute really counts…

With average high risk property loss rates during fires of up to £4,200 per minute, Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service (FRS) used mapping from Ordnance Survey.

Welsh authorities to generate £500 000 of additional revenue

A collaborative pilot project is improving the management of addresses by linking electoral registration, revenue and benefits and other systems, with the help of Ordnance Survey.

Using simple GIS during a flooding event

Learn how Caerphilly Borough Council used geographic information to respond to a major flood and the disruption caused to its residents.

The Big Lottery Fund

The Big Lottery Fund wanted to identify priority areas for funding - deprived and rural areas - and used an online postcode-checker to screen applications.

Easier data-sharing, interpretation and management at Totton and Eling

Totton and Eling Town Council uses a geographic information systems to record the land it owns, making the management of its data and assets easier and more accurate.

Improving efficiency with a centralised asset management database

Combining all road asset records such as signs, signals and disabled bays, into a central database using a range of Ordnance Survey map data, should save £25 000 at South Ayrshire Council.

ePlanning Programme – delivering a modern, efficient, online planning system

Through the use of online technologies and mapping data from Ordnance Survey, ePlanning has successfully delivered a modern, efficient, online planning system.

Snowbound! Key infrastructure swiftly identified to enable critical gritting

Hampshire County Council uses geographic information from Ordnance Survey to identify priority routes to be salted during bad winter weather.

School bus and contract savings of over £1 million achieved since 2006

Through OS MasterMap Integrated Transport Network and Topography Layers, over £1 million of savings have been delivered by East Riding of Yorkshire Council by improving the efficiency of school bus routes and better contract management since 2006.

Pinpointing search locations – mapping for man's best friend

How map data, overlaid with search areas and paths from its geographic information systems, has enabled the Scottish Police Service's Search and Rescue Dog Section to work smarter.

Defining and mapping Scotland's wild land to protect it for future generations

A collaborative project between members of the One Scotland Mapping Agreement has enabled Scottish Natural Heritage to publish the first national map of wild land in Scotland by sharing Ordnance Survey map data.

Mapping to monitor aircraft noise

Digital maps enable the civil aviation authority to make environmental information more easily accessible to the public as a citizen service.

Improving drug and alcohol treatment provision in Bristol

Ordnance Survey geographic information is helping to improve the planning and delivery of drug and alcohol treatment services in Bristol.

Opening a window on the world beneath us to aid teaching, research and analysis

The British Geological Survey wants to open up access to its wealth of information to meet the requirements of the EU INSPIRE Directive and the UK Location Programme.

Developing plans for a new allotments site with the aid of digital mapping

According to Aberystwyth Town Council, the introduction of digital mapping has saved them a huge amount of time and effort.

Barrow delivers a Where’s My Nearest service to citizens and saves £20 000

Over £20 000 of savings have already been delivered by the geographic information system (GIS) team at Barrow-in-Furness Borough Council.

Digital mapping brings significant improvements to planning the annual carnival

West Bletchley Council has found that using digital mapping to plan for its annual carnival is a fast and efficient process.

Recycling collection rate more than doubles to 65%

Surrey Heath Borough Council becomes one of the country’s top recyclers by using geographic information, with the help of geographic information and Ordnance Survey's mapping data.

Transforming IT assets to save money and improve service quality

West Midland Fire and Rescue Service avoids annual cost of £470 000 by developing and implementing in-house technology and software to enhance its geographical information system (GIS) and data integration capability.

Transformation of service delivery at Tunbridge Wells Borough Council

Integrating customer relationship management (CRM) software with geographical information systems (GIS) improves public services at Tunbridge Wells Borough Council.

Innovative approach to flood management by West Lindsey District Council

West Lindsey District Council used a web-based geographical information system (GIS), StatMap Earthlight, in conjunction with Ordnance Survey's Land-Form PROFILE, a digital terrain model, to plan for flood emergencies.

Suffolk Coastal District Council’s corporate GIS delivers efficiency

Suffolk Coastal District Council implements a corporate geographical information system (GIS) that allows staff and citizen access to geographic information.

Changing travel behaviour with geographic information

Transport Direct uses geographic data to offer reliable journey information so that people can make intelligent decisions about how and when to travel.

Web mapping service improves data effectiveness and response times

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, the first public sector customer to use OS OnDemand, is using it to plan service delivery and to analyse and report more accurately and efficiently.

Timber supplies required!

During an emergency planning exercise Portsmouth City Council used their geographic information system and Ordnance Survey's Points of Interest dataset to quickly locate and order specialist equipment and supplies.

ShropshireLink: improving rural bus services without increasing running costs

Map data and routing software have enabled Shropshire Council to replace fixed, one-day-a-week, rural bus routes with a more flexible service.

Map-based reporting system saves council call centre advisors

With the help of Ordnance Survey data, Nottinghamshire County Council introduces a fault-reporting system that enhances the service to members of the public without additional costs and is 80% faster in response to enquiries.

Making cycling safer in Southampton

Southampton City Council used Ordnance Survey digital data to collect information and demonstrate results of a survey of cycle usage across the city.

For every CCTV camera Salford can avoid using, they save £100 000

Salford City Council uses a Cadcorp solution, based upon Ordnance Survey mapping.

Working together to improve childhood immunisation rates

Ordnance Survey helped Luton Primary Care Trust to overlay information onto Ordnance Survey data, to help improve child immunisation rates.

The search for missing persons made easier by the use of digital mapping

Collaboration with other emergency services thanks to geographic information on handheld devices has improved resource coordination and reduced search response times. Lowland Search Dogs has access to digital map data products from Ordnance Survey through the PSMA.

Northumberland National Park Authority reaps the rewards of using AddressBase

Northumberland National Park Authority has reduced time and effort spent processing planning applications, thanks to AddressBase and linking its data to the UPRN.

National Forest Company maps ecological networks using OS MasterMap

The National Forest is transforming the landscape in the Midlands with the help of raster-based products from Ordnance Survey.

Improving ambulance services in the North East

Up-to-date and accurate mapping ensures that North East Ambulance Service responds to emergency calls effectively and maintains a high level of service.

Geographical information underpins 30% increase in web traffic

Astun Technology's iShareMaps suite, featuring a range of geographic information from Ordnance Survey, was used to launch Mole Valley District Council's online 'one stop shop' for public service information.

Detailed map data puts England Coast Path on right track

Access to Ordnance Survey data under the Public Sector Mapping Agreement has helped to give people the right to walk around England's coast.

Transforming public services with integrated data and geographic information

Each year, thanks to its use of geographic information, Huntingdonshire District Council saves £100k and generate additional revenues of £180,000.

On the buses

Liverpool saves £50 000 by using geography to automate the allocation of pupil bus passes and confirm eligibility across the city. Geographic information from Ordnance Survey was used as a base for this work.

Map data saves Lee Valley Regional Park Authority £100 000

Ordnance Survey map data has enabled significant savings for Lee Valley Regional Park Authority, from grounds maintenance and the avoidance of unnecessary consultancy fees.

Making use of geographic data to improve the planning and delivery

Immingham Town Council used digital mapping with the help of Ordnance Survey's geographic data, to take on the responsibility for street cleaning services from its principal authority.

London borough takes the lead in vulnerability mapping

Vulnerability maps are being created by the London Borough of Hounslow to help protect the elderly, infirm and other residents in the case of an emergency – using Ordnance Survey's geographic information.

West Suffolk councils save £180 000 in waste management costs

Two Suffolk councils have used geographical information systems to help reorganise bin collections, reduce carbon emissions and save £180 000.

New waste collection contract to save East Northamptonshire Council £1.5 million

With the help of large scale mapping data from Ordnance Survey, East Northamptonshire Council was able to reduce the number of refuse collection vehicles needed, contributing to significant savings.

Improving on the best – vehicle fleets can deliver huge savings

With the help of OS MasterMap Integrated Transport Network (ITN) Layer, Exactrak was able to provide better system performance, together with enhanced capabilities, that would deliver operational efficiencies.

£60 000 savings from map based reporting system

East Sussex County Council has launched a map-based system, based on OS MasterMap Topography Layer, to allow residents to simply, accurately and quickly report faults and other issues.

Savings of £575 000 delivered by Daventry’s Waste Management team

Daventry District Council uses geographic information to achieve major cost savings and efficiencies by rationalising domestic waste collection routes.

Improving the speed and efficiency of responding to a flood

Cornwall Council combines geographic information from Ordnance Survey with Environment Agency data and local information to respond effectively to floods.

How Cheltenham Borough Council used digital mapping

Cheltenham Borough Council used digital mapping for an emergency planning training exercise.

Geographic data and local knowledge to improves flood management plans

Dauntsey Parish Council has successfully combined local knowledge with Ordnance Survey digital maps to help it undertake a professional analysis of local flood impacts and risks.

East Hampshire District and Winchester City Councils make savings together

East Hampshire District Council and Winchester City Council deliver significant cost savings from a new joint waste management contract, by working with Ordnance Survey and Geoplace's geographic information.

Creating a bustling and vibrant town centre in Chorley

Chorley Council uses a website with interactive maps to market the town centre to retailers and others as a desirable location in which to trade.

Public sector bodies work together across Cambridgeshire to map their assets

‘Making Assets Count’ – the joint management and use of the property portfolio across Cambridgeshire using a range of mapping datasets.

Newcastle City Council's Waste Management Team's savings

Newcastle City Council has redesigned waste management collections using a combination of Ordnance Survey data, GIS software and vehicle tracking.

Cardiff Council delivers more from enhanced SEN

Cardiff Council’s Schools Transport Team supports improved special education needs school routing, optimisation and efficiency using geographic information (GI).

ScotlandsPlaces: exploring Scotland past and present

The ScotlandsPlaces website is helping people to learn about Scottish places past and present. It includes map-based search functionality, using the context of Ordnance Survey mapping.

Geographic information improves health service planning in Bromley

Learn how geographic information is helping to raise awareness of the health needs of people in the London Borough of Bromley.

Provision of integrated mobile solution at South Wales Fire and Rescue Service

In 2005, South Wales Fire and Rescue Service became one of the first in the country to deploy OS MasterMap® Topography Layer to every one of its appliances.

Dundee City Council delivers over £60 000 in savings

The use of geographic information in the management of houses under multiple occupation has enabled Dundee City Council to deliver better services, reduce costs and save time.

Delivering enhanced operational intelligence within Strathclyde Fire and Rescue

Strathclyde Fire and Rescue is using Ordnance Survey data to enhance the quality of incident information for all personnel attending emergencies.

Sharing public sector information to distribute the cost of land management

Thanks to a partnership with New Forest District Council, local councils have access to its digital maps as well as Ordnance Survey mapping, enabling them to provide better customer service.

Savings of over £100 million predicted in Blackpool

Working with Ordnance Survey and Gaist Ltd, Blackpool Council has undertaken a four-year project to address the backlog of highways and footways, generating significant long-term savings.

Locating vulnerable people during flooding incidents

In emergencies, Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council uses geographic information to locating vulnerable people in minutes. It used to take four hours.

Harrow delivers savings of £3.2 million over 10 years

Harrow County Council's waste collection routes are continuously analysed and optimised using Ordnance Survey's OS MasterMap ITN Layer as the core network dataset.

Cutting teenage pregnancy rates in Hull

In Hull, teenage pregnancies have reduced by 35 percent over the course of the life of the 12-year strategy. Ordnance Survey digital maps were used to plan its contraception and community-based services and increase the targeting and impact of services.

Garden waste collection cost savings in Northumberland

By taking away the former district council boundaries and using Ordnance Survey’s mapping data in conjunction with route optimisation software, Northumberland County Council has reduced vehicle costs and increased levels of recycling.

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