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‘Report It’ helps council work quicker and save money

  • One resident had tried multiple times to describe the position of a faulty streetlight, but our engineers had been unable to locate it due to the vague details given. When the person used ‘Report It’, this streetlight was found and fixed.

    Steve Campbell, GIS Manager, Borough of Poole Council


Reporting streetlight or pavement issues and locating them can be time consuming for both the general public and the Borough of Poole Council staff. By introducing a new online reporting tool, which contains mapping to locate a specific concern, the council has increased the number of website users and become more efficient, while saving money.


  • Improving the accuracy of location reporting.
  • Simplifying the process of reporting a problem.
  • Making it easier for the public to pinpoint the location of an issue.
  • Reducing the amount of repeat calls due to difficulties explaining the location.


MapThat’s ‘Report It’ platform, was installed, allowing residents to chart incidents on a map through the council’s website. The software uses OS MasterMap Topography Layer, large-scale, highly-detailed mapping, to enable residents to easily and accurately locate particular issues regarding roads, pavements or streetlights. Reports are then distributed to engineers to resolve.


  • More residents using the website and mapping tool to report defects.
  • Less call costs spent dealing with issues, saving the council around £5,000 a year.
  • Less time spent by front desk staff trying to understand issues.
  • Easier for residents to convey locations.
  • Quicker for engineers to locate issues
  • Approximately 40% of reports previously submitted online; the figure is now over 50%.
  • Residents' feedback indicates that ‘Report It’ is much simpler to use.

The products used

Download this case study PDF – 275kB


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