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OS Surface 1 beta support

Our OS Surface 1 beta product provides a Digital Surface Model (DSM) to one-metre resolution.

OS Surface 1 beta

We're running a six-week trial for the OS Surface 1, a Digital Surface Model (DSM) of Great Britain in high definition.

OS Terrain 2 beta

Ordnance Survey has collaborated with the Environment Agency to create a National Digital Terrain Model (DTM) on this product for a six-week trial.

Terrain 2 beta support

Our National Digital Terrain Model (DTM) is made in collaboration with the Environment Agency.

A Spotlight on our Consultancy and Technical Services Team

Our Consultancy and Technical Services Team is here to support you - find out how...

Marie Thirlwall reviews activities within OSGB

Marie Thirlwall, Head of Product Strategy and Management within Ordnance Survey GB, gives us her views on current projects and activities.