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Using geospatial data to identify green spaces for sustainable heat sources

Discover why green spaces are the perfect location for installing underground heat pumps to help produce clean energy.

Green spaces not only improve quality of life for people who live in cities, by offering calm spaces away from traffic and noise and improving biodiversity, but they can also provide vital sources of clean energy.

Geospatial data can identify underground heat sources in green spaces, mapping ideal locations for ground source heat pumps.

Case study: Scotland used green space data to identify areas for clean energy production

OS MasterMap Greenspace dataset helped reveal that 60% of Edinburgh and Aberdeen are made up of green space. Greenspace Scotland has identified these greenspaces as vital sources for clean energy production – places where low carbon heat can be harvested using ground source heat pumps and used to heat homes and businesses.

OS MasterMap Greenspace showing areas key to producing clean heat sources in Edinburgh

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What's the future for sustainable heat generation?

Reducing our reliance on fossil fuels (directly or indirectly) will help us produce cleaner energy during heat generation.  

All cities can be mapped for green spaces and we can install ground source heat pumps to make the world a cleaner place to live in.

OS MasterMap Greenspace Layer
OS Mastermap Greenspace geospatial data

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