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Ground-breaking asset management

Get confidence in your data from a complete view of your assets and infrastructure.

Reduce the operational costs of your asset management programme, while improving both efficiency and safety – harnessing the benefits of roadside asset management data and in-vehicle technology.

Utilities and local authorities rely on the roadside as prime location for these valuable assets.Our complete data allows you to enhance maintenance processes and helps improve your infrastructure and networks. For utilities, complete data means better visibility of your asset network – meaning you can stay ahead in a competitive market, adhere to regulatory requirements and enable effective planning.

More frequent updates

The built environment is constantly changing, with many utilities and local authorities finding it harder than ever to keep up to date. More frequent updates to data allow you to make the best decisions at the best times, creating efficiency savings.

Complete data

Our customers have told us they hold accurate records for an estimated 40% of their asset registers. Our geospatial solutions allow greater discovery of your assets. Bolstering asset registers with regular and accurate roadside asset data provides deeper insights from asset portfolios and informed decision making.

Today’s data

Much of the data currently available doesn’t fit the needs of today’s utilities and local authorities. Data captured manually using low accuracy devices can be useful for high level information but provides low levels of detail and requires a lot of effort to update regularly. Data captured using high accuracy and precision techniques can sometimes be too rich and is expensive. Processing times are long and regular updates are not cost effective.

A different perspective

Our new spatially-referenced service lets you identify and locate your assets more precisely; we aim to deliver benefits up to 6 times your return on investment when compared to traditional services. We’re developing validation tools and techniques to match customer data against a new high definition base map; using sources and outputs that can be adjusted to best meet customer demands with different data and service levels. Plus, we’re using high levels of automation to provide predictable, repeatable, cost effective solutions which are extremely flexible and directly scalable to reflect demand. Our Roadside Asset Data Service:

  • Is co-created with you, our customer, in mind
  • Is integrated and consumable
  • Includes change detection and monitoring of asset performance and condition


Do you want to be part of discovering how this innovative approach can benefit your business? Help us create a service that works for your business challenges.

We’re working with leading partners; benefit from best of breed expertise using the most sophisticated sensor-based technology to collect asset information, as your fleets drive around their day to day business operations.

Help us shape the service that tells you about change in condition of asset, when and how you’re notified, and in turn, how that improves your operational processes.

Smarter asset management using roadside asset data

Asset managers tell us they’re interested in the following assets:

  • Manholes, pavement service covers and drains, to better understand the underground asset network
  • Foliage coverage, e.g. overhead cables, for predictive maintenance
  • Standing surface water pools, to spot potential leaks

We’re exploring and developing data and services that respond to those needs, so, you can benefit from:

  • Avoiding costs and reducing liabilities from bespoke surveying of your asset networks
  • Informed decision making: time and cost savings by planning asset maintenance programmes more efficiently, using improved, more accurate and up to date ground insight
  • A complete and maintained view: linking overground verification with your underground data
  • Proactive maintenance: monitor the condition of assets and take action before an incident occurs
  • Near real-time notifications to monitor overrunning street works by identifying active sites
  • Enhanced end-user satisfaction: ensure stakeholders are receiving the service they expect
  • Measure performance against internal KPIs and regulatory legislation
  • Interoperable data means frictionless processes

Stay up to date

Send us your details to find out more about the roadside asset data services we’re co-creating with those who need it most.