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Meet the decision-makers at Ordnance Survey.

Executive Directors

The following people are Executive Directors of Ordnance Survey Limited (appointed in accordance with the Companies Act 2006):

Profile of Steve Blair
Steve Blair
Chief Executive Officer
Profile of Paul Bragg
Paul Bragg
Chief Financial Officer

In addition, the following are also Executive Directors and attend OS Board meetings, although are not Company Directors in accordance with the Companies Act 2006:

Profile of David Henderson
David Henderson
Chief Geospatial Officer
Profile of Nick Giles
Nick Giles
Managing Director of OS Consumer
Profile of Rebecca Paterson
Rebecca Paterson
Customer and Marketing Director
Profile of Jo Shannon
Jo Shannon
Director of Technology and Design
Profile of Dan Dukes
Dan Dukes
Director of Operations
Profile of Hazel Hendley
Hazel Hendley
Director of People
Profile of Munir Ismet
Munir Ismet
Managing Director of Geospatial Solutions
Profile of Chris Cottrell
Chris Cottrell
Director of Propositions and Innovation
Profile of John Kimmance
John Kimmance
Managing Director of National Mapping Services

Non-Executive Directors

The following people are Non-Executive Directors of Ordnance Survey Limited (appointed in accordance with the Companies Act 2006):

Profile of Kieran Murphy
Kieran Murphy
Non-Executive Chair
Profile of John Clarke
John Clarke
Non-Executive Director
Profile of Emily Ashwell
Emily Ashwell
Shareholder Director
Profile of Stephen Lake
Stephen Lake
Non-Executive Director
Profile of Jacques Cadranel
Jacques Cadranel
Non-Executive Director
Profile of Philippa Hird
Philippa Hird
Non-Executive Director
Profile of Ron Mobed
Ron Mobed
Non-Executive Director
Profile of Carol Potter
Carol Potter
Non-Executive Director

Company Secretary

Jon O'Meara

Jon is OS's Head of Legal Services and Company Secretary for Ordnance Survey Limited. He qualified as a solicitor in private practice in 2001, specialising in corporate and commercial work before joining OS as an in-house legal advisor in 2006.