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About us

We’re proud of shaping Britain’s place as a world-leading geospatial nation. As geospatial experts, we’re driven to produce accurate location data.

What we do

We create, maintain and distribute detailed location information for Great Britain. We record and keep 500 million geospatial features in the Ordnance Survey (OS) master map up-to-date.

Where would you be without OS?

Geospatial information – it’s in the sat nav in your car, the apps on your phone and the survey of your home. But what about the data you don’t see?


Our thought leaders are re-imaging and re-thinking the use of geospatial on the global stage, to improve our everyday lives. Meet the decision-makers here at OS.

About us


Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Our experts are not only on the cutting-edge of collecting, maintaining and distributing data, but continually seek new and relevant ways for customers to get the best from it.


We’ve been mapping Great Britain since 1791, always evolving to meet the needs of the nation.

Historical maps archive

You can get some historical maps from our map shop, and a whole range of historical products from our Partners.