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New to QGIS- Looking for an OS Map that only shows terrain and places but not major infrastructure

    • 12 June 2017 11:24AM
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    I am a PhD student at the University of Winchester undertaking a PhD in early modern history and archaeology. I have downloaded QGIS onto my Macbookpro. I am looking for an OS map to use in QGIS that does not contain modern infrastructure. I have downloaded the following:

    Terr 50, Vector Map District Colour Rasta both SU and TQ and ESRI Shape TQ

    However all of the maps that I have downloaded contain modern infrastructure which is not what I need. As I have never used GIS I am just looking for an online OS map that I can use in QGIS that only has terrain and places but no roads, rail lines etc.

    With many thanks


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      • 13 June 2017 02:02PM
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      If you download the vector version of OS VectorMap Distirct this will give you a series of layers. These can be loaded indivdually into QGIS and should help you seperate out the modern environment. Further to this you can query the data layers to extract indivdual features from these. I would also suggest you consider looking at OS OpenMapLocal which is at a larger scale than VectorMap District.

      This will include contours however if you want a visual terrian you will need to build this using the tools in QGIS from the points in Terrian 50.

      If you just want place names you can also use OS OpenNames, which will give you place names with a coordinate.

      I hope this is of help,



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