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Ordnance Survey XML schemas

This page contains the XML schema files and DTDs that define the contents and structure of OS MasterMap XML files.

By downloading any XML schema in this repository you agree to our terms and conditions:

Ordnance Survey XML schema licence

The version 9 schemas incorporate:

  • Additional descriptive terms for OS MasterMap Topography Layer.
  • A new match status for Address Layer 2. This has previously been supplied in the data but is new to this version of the schema.
  • English is removed as the default language, recognising that in many cases the name of a place is ‘accepted’, and may actually be, for example, Welsh.
  • A change to the way chunkingPolicy and chunkSize are defined within the OSQueryResult.xsd, to satisfy contemporary XML validation.

Deprecated schemas

Deprecated schemas are preserved at their original locations.

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