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OS Labs

Learn about our collaborative research and innovation.

Here at OS Labs we experiment with emerging technologies to demonstrate the power of location data for the future.

From mapping Mars to Augmented Reality, OS Labs is at the forefront of geospatial innovation – drawing on vast amounts of data from our digital worlds.

Explore our research and find out how we can innovate and collaborate. Read more via our OS blog.

Exploring the world in virtual reality

See how the HoloLens brings geographic data to life, showing you real-world features like buildings, roads and trees, as if they're real.

Geo-immersive reality

Discover how our reality team innovates with the concept of Geo-Immersive Reality (GIR). GIR is the visualisation of and interaction with geo-referenced data through augmented reality and virtual reality experiences.

A virtual escape into mapping

Our OS Labs team is always exploring how geospatial data can be incorporated into virtual reality applications in new ways. You can use it to create a virtual exhibition space orientated around an interactive floor map, for example.

Snowdon MS Hololens demo

See how the HoloLens app demonstrates a 3D model of Snowdon using OS Terrain 5 data and OS MasterMap Imagery Layer data.

Visit the OS Labs website to see more from the team.