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OS Select+Build

Simple and direct access to the OS National Geographic Database (OS NGD)

Simple and direct access to the OS National Geographic Database (OS NGD)

Get started quickly and download the data you need, as and when you need it, powering your applications with rich, consistent and current geographic information

Data to match your organisations requirements

Source the data you want direct from the OS NGD and get a customised view of GB, along with having the choice on how you want to receive your data.

Easier access

For the first time, you can select and build your own data package/s rather than taking off-the shelf OS products. You can take data from different OS NGD collections to build your own recipe of data to produce bespoke data package/s.

Enhanced features

You can now select what you need e.g. Building Line and Building Part Feature Types (which are both in the Buildings Features Collection of the Buildings Theme) and the Structure Line Feature Type (which is in the Structure Features Collection of the Structures Theme) to build your own recipe and data package/s.

Download sample data

Download sample data

Try OS NGD sample data to get a flavour of what you can achieve.


Using OS Select+Build

Watch our YouTube videos to see how you can make a personalised selection of OS data, and then how to download a data package using OS Select+Build

How to access OS Select+Build

Technical information

Key FeaturesWhat this product offers
Update frequency

Visit OS NGD data ordering and currency to find out more about how the currency of the data


CSV, GeoPackage


Access OS + Build via the OS Data Hub


Great Britain (define your own area of interest or take advantage of pre-defined areas of interest) - For ‘Islands Address’ collection the coverage will be Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and Channel Islands