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Targeted marketing with OS AddressBase Premium in GeoPackage format

You can now get hold of AddressBase Premium data in our new easy-to-use GeoPackage format, helping you implement better targeted marketing.

Determining building volume for demolition using OS MasterMap Topography

How you can obtain hidden insight from attributes contained within our premium digital mapping dataset, namely OS MasterMap Topography Layer.

Using OS identifiers to link datasets with a golden thread

We're pleased to showcase a newly designed product that harnesses the potential of identifiers, of which are used extensively throughout OS product offerings.

Managing change in OS MasterMap Highways efficiently

How users can identify and quickly calculate statistics on feature changes between one release and another of our OS MasterMap Highways product.

Using OS MasterMap Highways improved tracks coverage for an Emergency Response

An improvement to one of our datasets, OS MasterMap Highways Network Layer, will support increased routing options and provide a more granular view of rural locations.

Assessing Greenspace locations in a Flooding Resilience Exercise

The OS MasterMap Greenspace Layer provides a comprehensive overview of all urban outdoor greenspaces in Great Britain.

Inland Standing Water Polygons from OS MasterMap

How to identify standing water (static) polygons within England through extraction of Topographic area features from OS MasterMap Topography Layer.

Extracting Wind Turbines from OS MasterMap

The best way to identify wind turbine locations is through the extraction of Topographic area and Topographic point features within Ordnance Survey’s MasterMap Topography Layer.