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How can you provide accessible, local EV charge points?

The accessibility hackathon challenge: What is the demand for charge points of electric fleets and where do these charge points need to be developed?

What’s the challenge?

Balancing the requirement of off-street EV parking whilst citizens still have access to greenspace for social interactions, health and wellbeing. 

As EV adoption becomes more widespread, so does the requirement for EV charge points and solutions related to off-road charging. Businesses are adopting electric vehicle fleets with a sufficient infrastructure.

However, if employees decide to take their car home, are there sufficient charge points or where do they need to be developed? Would employees need to plan their working week around the availability of local charge points, especially when slow charging overnight, or do homeowners need to replace green gardens with charge points. 

It’s important to try to identify the balance between individual household charging to remove or reduce this burden and maintaining access of greenspace in the community.

In this accessibility hackathon challenge, carefully balance these two issues to provide accessible, local charge points. Use vector and raster data, looking at geospatial analysis and image processing techniques of urban areas in Great Britain. Take into consideration citizen’s purpose of travel, the impact on cityscape, drainage, and any requirements for local energy storage.  

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