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Advanced connectivity

We are helping to aid a quick, robust and efficient rollout for 5G and new fibre networks.

Ordnance Survey (OS) is supporting the UK government’s initial £1 billion commitment to keep Britain at the forefront of connectivity through accelerating the deployment of digital infrastructure. We are driving forward the rollout of 5G to support emerging markets and new business opportunities.

We are working with research organisations, academia, government and industry. Opportunities include autonomous vehicles, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR). With our partners we can help you expand your digital capability and connectivity in a complex 3D world. 

Working with Bournemouth Borough Council, we created a ‘digital twin’ of the town. It incorporated over 30 datasets to create a single 3D visualisation, which helped the council to save money, time and resources when implementing 5G.

Location is important for 5G

What is 5G?

5G promises to deliver a new era of connectivity, but to get there many thousands of 5G antennas will need to be installed across the nation. Knowing where to position these for optimum service, at lowest cost, will be vital.

Keeping autonomous vehicles connected

There’s an intrinsic need for every highways surveyor, engineer, architect and visionary planner to include accurate maps and location data in their plans from the outset for a future with autonomous vehicles.

Reports on 5G

Planning for 5G

This OS report focuses on the impact of man-made and natural environment on the propagation of 5G millimetric wave signals. It also covers what network planners and local authorities need to consider when planning a new network.

The effect of 5G on the environment

This report highlights the importance of appropriate spatial planning to make a 5G network cost effective. It looks at the effect millimetric radio waves has on the built and natural environment.