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5G key to success of automated vehicles

We need to be confident in the data that brings connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) to life – and the network that delivers it.

For connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) to navigate streets in safety, in real-time, they need access to accurate location data. This requires 5G.

Autonomous vehicles will not only need the latest route information to navigate through streets but – to interact with other vehicles and infrastructure constantly – an accurate picture of where all the corresponding sensors are located too. Having a ubiquitous and reliable coverage for safety critical reasons makes it essential to have a full understanding of signal propagation. New objects must be surveyed at 10cm resolution or better.

5G technology will allow for pinpoint precision of the location of sensors to accurately inform these vehicles.

People’s lives depend on the accuracy of this location data. Ordnance Survey (OS) is working with academia, research organisations, government and industry to deliver a 5G network in Britain we can be confident in. 

We are also contributing to CAV projects such as Atlas, and advising on data standard requirements to enable the use of this technology in future.

Get in touch if you would like to get involved.