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Our Partners

Find out why we use partners to sell our data and discover if partnering with OS could be right for you.

Our Partner Network

Our Partners range from global giants to single entrepreneurs, but they all use our location data to create innovative products and services.

Their expertise ensures customers can benefit from using our data to locate new areas to build stores, accurately route their home delivery vans or to identify areas of flood risk.

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Partner with us

For us, partnerships are about working together to promote the power of geospatial data in solving business problems.

As an OS Partner you’ll get access to our world leading data products and services to help you meet the requirements of your customers. Our account team will be on hand to offer help and support and you will have access to expert geospatial team who can provide technical assistance.

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The Land App changing the way farmers, managers of land and environmentalists see the British landscape.

How Addresscloud made sure Riverford drivers were knocking on the right front door.

Landmark Solutions changed how the Arts Council England assessed lockdown on arts and culture in Britain.

OS working with Partners

Technical spotlight articles

Understanding data use is at the heart of what our Geospatial Consultants do.

Flexible Licensing Frameworks

Our licensing is flexible and tailored to your needs. We want our Partners to have a licence that enables them to do what they want to do.

Data and services from our Partners

Planning application maps

OS Partners and outlets around the country provide large-scale planning application maps, ready for you to order online or find in store.

Software for mapping

Our Partners provide the GIS mapping tools and applications to help you with your different mapping software needs.

Partner support

Already a Partner?

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OS Data Hub

For our developer partners, our location APIs provide direct access to geospatial data in various ways. The APIs are the building blocks for all web-based mapping applications. For the use of the premium data, there is a £1,000 monthly free threshold to help partners get started.

Get the most value from our data through our Partner network. Find a business Partner.