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Software for mapping

Find the right mapping software for working with OS map data.

There are a number of GIS software and service providers who are already OS Partners. They and other companies in the market can help you with your different mapping software needs.

Before you start

Before working with Ordnance Survey (OS) digital mapping products consider how you will:

  • Store your data and the mapping data under your agreement.
  • Load and view the data on your computer or within a wider IT network.
  • Process the data to visualise your information and make informed decisions.

If you are new to working with geographic data, our getting started page sets out issues to consider before you get a geographic information system (GIS).

Best for simplicity and ease of use

The following OS Partners offer a simple GIS service to help you get started.

Best low cost solutions

The following solutions help you minimise your costs.

Advanced requirements

If you and your organisation have a good understanding of GIS and its potential, look at the following providers.

Best products for large-scale deployments

Suitable for managing contractors

Use GI to manage work with third parties.