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Introducing OS Select+Build and OS NGD API – Features, giving you a richer data experience

We’re improving how you access our data with a new download service, OS Select+Build, and a new API, OS NGD API – Features, that will be available through the OS Data Hub giving users direct access to data held within the OS National Geographic Database (NGD).

How our data set up will work for you

These latest improvements are part of our data access evolution, from providing data on DVD through download and APIs to a completely customisable approach built around the needs of our users.

Data available through OS Select+Build and OS NGD API – Features is structured into nine themes. Each theme is made up of one or more collections, which in turn have feature types. Feature types are the most granular level of grouping, with each feature type having its own data model.

Benefits of our new data set up

Easier access

With OS Select+Build you can download only the data you need from the OS NGD and the new OS NGD API – Features provides online access to this data via OGC standards.

Daily updates

We’ve improved the data you rely on for crucial analysis, delivering it more frequently through daily data updates.

Improved connectivity

OS NGD data includes cross references to key identifiers, making it easier than ever before to link, share and analyse the data you rely upon.

More discoverable data

Our improved data structure and new data categorisation makes the data you need easier to search, find and analyse.

How you can access our data

PSGA members and Partners will be able to get direct access to the OS NGD through the OS Data Hub using our new download service OS Select+Build and new OS NGD API – Features.

OS Select+Build

With OS Select+Build, you can choose the exact features you want, filter by attribute and build your own data package from the OS NGD.

OS NGD API - Features

The OS NGD API - Features is our new OGC-standard API giving you access to OS NGD data.

OS Select+Build and OS NGD APIs will be available through the Public Sector Plan and Premium Plan on the OS Data Hub through the existing pricing and licencing frameworks for each plan.