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OS NGD API – Features

Get started quickly and request the data you need, as and when you need it, powering your applications with rich, consistent and current information about the real world.

Simple and direct access to the OS National Geographic Database (OS NGD)

Get started quickly and download the data you need, as and when you need it, powering your applications with rich, consistent and current geographic information

Perform powerful geospatial analysis

OS NGD API – Features enables you to perform powerful geospatial analysis. Filter the data to receive exactly what you need, as and when you need it.

Get started for free

Easy to access and use from the OS Data Hub. Benefit from up to £1,000 of free premium data every calendar month, as well as free development mode.

Reduce overheads

No need to download, store and manage large and complex datasets, we take care of that so you can focus on adding value.

Up-to-date and analysis ready

Up-to-date and analysis ready

Benefit from current, detailed and accurate data to help you generate new location-based insight converting NGD data into meaningful and actionable information.

Rich data and attribution

Rich data and attribution

Access detailed geometries and rich attribution through OS NGD API – Features for only the data you need using spatial, attribute and/or time queries.

Based on the OGC API – Features standard so interoperable with lots of GIS software and web mapping libraries.

Online support to help you get started and find inspiration; from detailed documentation to copy and paste code examples.

How to use OS NGD API - Features

Find out how to use the API on our data download platform the OS Data Hub

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Technical specification

Key FeaturesWhat this product offers

OGC API - Features

Data Structure



Best used at large scales (zoomed in)

Update Frequency

Up to daily


British National Grid (EPSG: 27700), Web Mercator (EPSG: 4326), Web Mercator (EPSG: 3857) and WGS84 longitude/latitude (CRS84)


99.9% uptime


Access via the OS Data Hub


Great Britain