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OS data for developers

Start building apps and solutions with Great Britain’s most authoritative location data

Exploring the OS Data Hub

The OS Data Hub is our portal for developers to access our data via APIs. Access a wide range of OS Premium and Open datasets including Base maps, addressing data, geographic features, and other linked identifiers.

Our APIs can be integrated with web-based mapping applications, data science workflows or GIS software, accessing up-to-date and authoritative location data on demand.

Our data and services


Use our base maps to build detailed reference mapping. Get unrivalled geographic context to your data with OS Maps API and customise map content and styles with the OS Vector Tile API.

Addressing data

Search GB’s most comprehensive online address database and locate addresses instantly with our robust and scalable look-up web service.

Geographic features

Get on-demand access to a wide range of accurate, detailed geographic features useful for visualisation and analysis with the OS Features API.

Web Developers

Build web-based applications with destination locators, scroll stories and interactive mapping.

GIS Analysts

Analyse OS data for modelling and mapping with GIS applications.

Data Scientists

Use our Premium and Open Data in your data science workflows, we show you how with our IPython Notebooks tutorial.

Developer blog

OS data supports Tower Hamlets Council's Covid-19 response

Learn how OS data has been vital to the Covid-19 response in Tower Hamlets Council.

New Data formats

Throughout this year, we will be providing more of current products as GeoPackage, Vector Tile and GeoTIFF.

Data visualisation

We explore data visualisation in our developer blog, referring to the representation of information or data in a visual format.

Open source tools and communities


Check out our GitHub repositories and raise an issue with our developers on GitHub.


Learn more about our Geovation community for start-up who need geospatial data and expertise to succeed.

GIS Stack Exchange

Raise your technical questions via the popular developer Q&A site GIS Stack Exchange.