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Government and public sector

How Ordnance Survey (OS) data helps you deliver public services and supports better decision making

Public sector organisations rely on OS’s world-leading data to deliver critical infrastructure and services across Britain

From blue lights to streetlights more than 5000 public sector organisations across Great Britain use our data for public good, from delivering local services through town and parish and community councils right through to preparing for smart cities and building up environmental resilience. 


The Public Sector Geospatial Agreement

The Public Sector Geospatial Agreement (PSGA) is a contract between the Geospatial Commission, on behalf of the public sector in England, Wales, Scotland, and Ordnance Survey and it provides the route for public sector members to access, use and share our constantly evolving location data.  

  • Find out if your organisation is already a member of the PSGA and if it is, contact us to find out the PSGA lead at your organisation.

  • If your organisation isn't yet registered, you can register here.

  • Members of the PSGA can access and share OS data under the PSGA Member Licence. Find out what you can do and what your responsibilities are as a PSGA Member.

  • PSGA members have access to resources and support such as important updates, product guides, webinars and lots more in the PSGA members area.

If your organisation is a town, parish or community council, find out how the PSGA can support your town, parish and community councils.

The OS Data Hub

The OS Data Hub is the new platform to access OS Data. Data can be downloaded, and where possible, APIs can be integrated with user software to enable direct access and allow your organisation to realise the benefits of OS data quicker and more cost effectively.

The OS Data Hub Public Sector Plan provides PSGA members access to OS OpenData and OS Premium data available under the PSGA via API or download.

Find out more about the OS Data Hub Public Sector Plan.

Go to the OS Data Hub

Using OS mapping data

Public Sector Geospatial Agreement

Many public sector organisations are members of the PSGA and simply register to use our data. Their membership is free.

Mapping for emergencies

Our free Mapping for Emergencies (MfE) service supports the resilience community and is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year, at no cost - in any emergency.

Licensing and sharing OS data

Your Member Licence helps you deliver services to your customers and work with other public sector organisations and your contractors.

Developer tools

APIs give direct access to OS data. Our Public Sector Plan will help you build our information into your innovations.

Where our location data can make a difference

London Ambulance Service NHS Trust uses OS Places API for out of area look ups

Using the OS Places API allows the London Ambulance Service NHS Trust to use flexible search methods for call handlers including full address, partial address.

Faster, better internet

Location data gives Ofcom an accurate picture of where people are, and what services are available in different parts of the UK – to help make communications work for everyone.

Department for Transport informing electric vehicle infrastructure planning

The Department for Transport use OS AddressBase Plus, in collaboration with other datasets, to plan the future of electric vehicle charging points across the country.

Redesigning mental health services with the NHS and location data

During a 2018 review of community health services, the Trust used OS VectorMap District and 1:250 000 Scale Raster datasets to model the mental and physical health service needs across East Cheshire.