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Cambridge Conference 2022

The event took place in Oxford on 12, 13, 14 April 2022 (plus an optional day for delegates on 11 April)

"We're running out of time. When we think about the climate challenges that are coming before us in the next generation or two, it is going to be more of a catastrophe than a problem." - Greg Scott, Head of Geospatial Secretariat, United Nations

In response to our Cambridge Conference in Conversation event in September 2021 and the outcomes from COP26 in November 2021, our 2022 Cambridge Conference explored the common challenges we face as a global geospatial community when supporting our governments to tackle the climate crisis and aimed to set out actions to help put geospatial data at the centre of the response.

You can read the 'How' Guide for NMGAs above. National mapping and geospatial agencies are encouraged to use the action guide to help turn the climate commitments made at the Cambridge Conference in Conversation, into sustainable action to drive forward government agendas.

Structured by three overarching themes aligned to the Integrated Geospatial Information Framework; People, Technology and Governance, the conference provided a collaborative space to share insights, knowledge and learnings between nations to solve common problems.

We also welcomed back our famous Hotine Lecture delivered by Prof. Lewis Dartnell, a prominent research scientist, who led the evening lecture on how the geography of the earth has shaped human history.

The UK Showcase offered the opportunity to learn about the capabilities, strategies and projects that support the UK's geospatial market and public sector. The sessions also provided a look to the future, sharing plans and geospatial trends. Participants had a chance to engage with some of the most influential geospatial organisations, groups and innovators in the country.