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EU INSPIRE End User Licence

Use our EU INSPIRE Licence to facilitate better public access to environmental data in accordance with the European INSPIRE Directive.

INSPIRE stands for Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community. It aims to enable the sharing of environmental spatial information amongst public sector organisations, to support the European community's environmental policies.

The Directive addresses 34 spatial data themes needed for environmental applications, including transport networks, buildings, natural risk zones and land use.

Licensing products/services you create using OS data

Licensing products/services you create using OS data

Licensed data under the INSPIRE End User Licence is limited to data created (derived) by you using Ordnance Survey (OS) licensed data. Please note:

  • Not all data you create meets the INSPIRE criteria.
  • The Directive is about allowing access to that spatial information from you (provided it meets the criteria). It is not about the re-use of that information by the recipient (the End User).
  • If your derived data does not meet the INSPIRE criteria, and or re-use by a third party is required, consider our other End User Licence agreement. You can also view our guidelines for sharing data with others.

Dos and don'ts

Even if you are a holder or custodian of data, this means any data which has not been created by you may not be supplied by you under this licence, whether as background/reference data or otherwise.

You must have identified and confirmed that your dataset is within the scope of the EU INSPIRE regulations and so qualifies as one of those datasets you can release under these obligations.

You can find further guidance on the scope of each EU INSPIRE theme in the INSPIRE data specifications and on