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Releasing your OS derived data with confidence

It’s never been easier to publish the information you derive from Ordnance Survey (OS) data.

There are many benefits to making this data visible and it’s simple, thanks to the Open Government Licence (OGL). Here’s how you can do it:

What is OS ‘derived data’?

Derived data describes new information or datasets which have been created using an existing dataset or information asset.

It’s the data you create for your organisation using OS data as a source, whether it’s from OS OpenData products or from data licensed to you under the public sector agreements.

Here is an example of derived data from sites of special scientific interest. Use the slider to remove OS mapping so you can see the derived data that has been created.

The derived data isn’t a direct copy of OS mapping so it can be released.

See our other demos below.

What are the benefits of releasing your OS derived data?

Access to OS datasets under our mapping agreements are helping thousands of public sector organisations to analyse their own data, support policies and improve citizen services.

By publishing and sharing your data, you and others can create easy-to-use services and information sources, provide better local services, increase citizen engagement, help you meet your transparency agenda, and allow for digital services to be developed.

Releasing your OS derived data (using our Presumption to Publish route)

If you’re using OS OpenData products as the source, you can continue making your derived data available on OGL terms without using this route.

Using the ‘Presumption to Publish’ route in the public sector members areas’, you can also release under Open Government Licence terms any OS derived dataset you produce as part of your core business activity, which uses our licensed data. This is as long as your dataset doesn’t include a substantial amount of content contained in the original OS licensed data, and is not being used as a commercial or competing activity.

With that in mind, if you’ve decided to make your OS derived data available (and we really hope you do), you don’t need any permission from us beforehand - just let us know when you are about to release it. Since 2015, more than 2,500 datasets have been released this way! We know much more great data can be released, and we look forward to seeing it.

Yes please, I’d like to release OS derived data