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Sharing data with others

We want you to share OS data with others to support your business activities - and we want you to do it correctly and confidently.

You can share OS data with other organisations who have their own licence for the same OS data you are wanting to share and for the same geographic area. Depending on the use of the data involved, the recipient may have to enhance their existing OS licence.

Before sharing OS data with others, you should consider the following to make sure you do so in the most appropriate way:

  • What type of data are you are sharing? For example, is the data covered by the Member Licence, another OS licence, or the Open Government Licence (OGL).
  • Who are you sharing the data with? For example, inside your own organisation, with one of your external contractors, or someone else.
  • Do you need to give a licence to whoever you are sharing with so they are fully aware of any limitations on their use? For example, an End User Licence or a Contractor Licence. Does sharing the data support the delivery of your core business?
  • Are you sharing just the right amount of data required to support your activity?
  • Have you applied the appropriate End User Licence terms and protections to ensure that any recipient is fully aware of any limitations of use?

Sharing data with others

Data sharing scenarios

Note, if you are using addressing data before sharing with a third party, you must ensure that you are not going beyond the terms of the Royal Mail PAF licence you are using.