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Sharing OS data with others

How PSGA members can share OS data with other members, organisations and community groups to support your core business

Public sector organisations often need to share data they get from OS with other organisations and community groups. This could be to support their residents, businesses and local organisations. Examples include sharing address data with a water company to arrange upgrading pipes and drains or enquiries around planning.

If you’re a Public Sector Geospatial Agreement (PSGA) member, we want to make it easy for you to share OS data with others when it supports your core work. Sharing our data should not be a commercial or profit-making activity for you and we need to protect our copyright.

You should usually share only the data needed to support your core business activity. This can include replying to freedom of information (FOI) requests.

If you need to share data, how you do it will be affected by:

  1. The type of data you’re sharing.
  2. Who you’re sharing the data with.

PSGA members can share OS data with each other with no restrictions.

You might need to use an End User Licence or a Contractor Licence in some situations. If you already publish the information, you can simply point people to it (including information that meets INSPIRE obligations). Licences mean that the people you share OS data with will be bound by the terms of their licence and you will help protect yourself from liability for incorrect use of the OS data.

You should keep a record of the OS data you share if you let end users download data using the End User Licence, or an INSPIRE End User Licence where you’re acting under the INSPIRE Regulations 2009 or a Contractor Licence.

You’ll need to monitor what an end user does with the OS data to make sure it’s being used for the relevant purpose.

Whatever the situation, if you’re using addressing data, you’ll also need to respect the terms of your Royal Mail PAF licence.

Examples of whom you can share OS data with:

You can also share Derived Data with: