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Complex land use decisions simplified by The Land App

Tim Hopkin is revolutionising the way complex land use decisions are made through the creation of The Land App.


Tim Hopkin comes from three generations of farmers, and is revolutionising the way complex land use decisions are made, through the creation of The Land App.

The Land App is an admin tool for the British countryside, available for use by the nation’s landowners, land agents and managers to help make the best land use decisions.


In the past it has been difficult to appraise competing land uses and to make informed decisions with the future in mind.

To utilise the land across Britain’s countryside in the most sustainable way, and to help decision makers choose between competing priorities, data needed to be bought together using technology, and shared in a simplistic way.


The Land App, created by Tim Hopkin in 2015, is an accessible online mapping tool providing context and insight for estate managers, environmental consultants and land agents amongst others, supported by our most detailed dataset, OS MasterMap.

The Land App provides a user-friendly interface which lets consumers clearly visualise information, resulting in informed decisions being made with sustainability in mind.


Lengthy administration can now be handled all in one place, saving time for users, thanks to the interactive and authoritative datasets which are available on demand for The Land App users.

Land management tasks such as Sales Plans, Valuation Plans, Ownership Boundary maps and more are now easily created in this intuitive platform.

"We’re delivering OS data like never before feeding it into the Land App on the fly…and delivering insight to land managers with the click of a button...Brexit means land management is changing massively…and OS’s upgrades and accessibility to their data has perfectly coincided with what’s going on in the market."
Tim Hopkin, Founder, The Land app

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