The Land App, by Digital Land Solutions Ltd

Land App is a digital mapping tool, providing authoritative data and an affordable cloud-based system for anyone involved in the management of land.

Meet the Partner

Land App is a digital mapping tool, providing authoritative data and an affordable cloud-based system for anyone involved in the management of land. Customers include farm and estate managers, rural surveyors, ecologists, and property professionals.

Land App’s mission is to help the land management sector save time and money by providing easy-to-use, authoritative, and affordable mapping and GIS solutions. They focus on helping land managers quickly identify how to make more sustainable (both financial and ecological) land-use decisions.

Land App has been designed for the land management sector and works with partners, including Ordnance Survey, HM Land Registry, the Forestry Commission, and the Rural Payments Agency.

How they can help you

Land App provides instant access to authoritative datasets on-demand, including:

  • Ordnance Survey basemaps for the whole of GB, including interactive OS MasterMap data
  • HM Land Registry ownership data for all titles in England, Scotland and Wales
  • Rural Payment Agency land cover, land parcel and hedgerow data for England with a one-click import
  • A wide range of statutory designations, planning constraints and administrative boundaries such as Ancient Woodlands, SSSIs, Listed Buildings and Agricultural Land Classification

The app also gives customers pre-styled project templates to enable structured data and efficient workflows, including:

  • Basic Payment Scheme for subsidy applications and cropping plans
  • Countryside Stewardship and Environmental Stewardship agri-environment schemes
  • UK Habitat Classification, for natural capital baselines and Biodiversity Net Gain schemes
  • England Woodland Creation Offer to support the creation of new woodland in England
  • Sales, valuation and title plans for efficient red-line boundaries

The Land App gives users access to affordable Ordnance Survey data for quality, compliant plans for title registrations, planning applications, or official schemes. It offers:

  • Affordable pay-as-you-go model to purchase plans in PDF, JPEG, or PNG format
  • Cost savings for teams and professionals with the ability to reprint frames at no extra cost
  • The option to buy data with a fixed annual licence under OS Distribution Contract for estates
  • Integration with OS DataHub for professional customers to access £1,000 a month free threshold

Using Land App helps teams work better together as it provides productivity tools, such as:

  • Collaboration feature to invite your team or advisors to view and edit maps
  • Team management feature to centralise and organise data across an organisation
  • Link to online document management systems to quickly retrieve key information
  • Upload photos to evidence change on-the-ground and delivery of schemes and projects
  • Mobile App for Standard and Professional users

It also provides GIS tools and API services to connect data to your software ecosystem, including:

  • API keys for professional customers to aggregate data created by your team in a central GIS
  • Bespoke integrations with web mapping services to configure your team’s map layers
  • The ability to import data in SHP, KML, or GeoJSON format from your existing software
  • The ability to export data in any file format with IP ownership of user-generated content

Land App’s primary focus is the land management sector, covering: land agency and valuation professionals; farm, estate, and forestry management; ecology, conservation, and environmental consultants; planning and development; and institutional customers such as utility companies, supermarkets, local authorities, and wildlife trusts.

Land App’s product and pricing structure is designed to suit any size of customer, from an individual smallholding to enterprise customers with thousands of users.

Land App has a ‘freemium’ pricing model, which allows anyone to sign up for free and get started with their core mapping tools. For professionals and teams who need access to premium features, they have an affordable, tiered subscription that starts at £10 plus VAT a month.


"The RSPB have recently adopted The Land App as its default go-to program for the RSPB's property professionals mapping needs. The Team is excited to explore the full features of the Land App with a particular focus on what the software can do to make applications and claims within Countryside Stewardship and its future replacement schemes, bringing us greater efficiencies."

Elizabeth Bridge MRICS, Senior Rural Surveyor, RSPB

"The Integration API has been a game-changer for our land management team. It has enabled us to connect our Land App data with our existing ArcGIS platform, allowing us to perform complex analyses and generate detailed reports with ease. It has saved us a significant amount of time and effort, and has greatly improved our overall productivity."

Sarah Jane Chimbwandira, CEO, Surrey Wildlife Trust

"The Team at Brooks Leney have been using the Land App since the early days of its roll out. We find it an invaluable tool in advising our clients, whether it be relating to Countryside Stewardship and BPS schemes, valuations, land sales or assessing natural capital potential on holdings. The functionality of the Land App has developed significantly since its roll out. Features such as being able to share maps on-line with clients and other collaborative organisations are invaluable. The Land App is now our go to mapping programme within the Brooks Leney Team."

Chris Leney, Founding Partner, Brooks Leney