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OS OpenSpace

OpenSpace is no longer available for new users and will be withdrawn in August 2021.


This product was published including pre-operative boundaries that were postponed to May 2021 due to the pandemic. The wards affected are the following: Basingstoke & Deane, Cambridge, Chorley, Halton, Hartlepool, Oxford, Pendle, Rotherham and Salford.

The issue is under investigation by our team to be corrected without affecting other structural changes. A solution will be available in the next few weeks

OS OpenSpace API will be withdrawn in August 2021. Our new OS Maps API has similar functionality; sign up on the OS Data Hub. Alternatively, visit the OS OpenSpace support page for migration guides and more.

OS OpenSpace was our first venture into mapping APIs when launched in 2008. We want to thank all those who have used and supported the service over the last 12 years. The support page contains information about your options for migrating to a new API, including migration guides.

Why is OS OpenSpace being withdrawn?

The new Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSGA) signals the start of a new journey for OS data with changes to the data we collect, how to access it, and how you can share information with others. As part of this we are rationalising our suite of APIs and introducing some new ones, all accessible from our new data access platform, OS Data Hub.

New APIs

OS OpenSpace is built on top of OpenLayers 2.12 which is now 8 years old. We want to decouple this dependency so you can use our maps with any mapping library or GIS software. With our new APIs you can integrate our maps with modern mapping software, and we have examples to help you get started.

Want to try something new?

Our new OS Maps API has similar functionality. On the OS Data Hub, you can sign up to an OS OpenData account or you can upgrade and benefit from £1,000 of free premium data a month. This gives you free access to even more mapping for your apps, including 1: 25 000 Scale Colour Raster (OS Explorer Maps) and OS MasterMap Topography Layer. Signing up to the Hub will also give you access to OS Vector Tile API (a Vector Tile Service) and OS Features API (a Web Feature Service) plus more.

Visit the OS OpenSpace support page for migration guides and more.

OS Open Zoomstack

If you want to use OS OpenData and create a custom basemap then you can try OS Open Zoomstack. This is a great option for creating interactive web maps. Use an Ordnance Survey cartographic style or design your own.

If you want to share walking or cycling routes on OS Explorer and Landranger maps, check out OS Maps online.

If you are an existing OS OpenSpace user, you can still manage your account until July 2021 when it is withdrawn.