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OS Vector Tile API

Slick, quick vector maps for use as a customisable, contextual base, with a focus on web and mobile apps.


Slick, quick vector maps

The OS Vector Tile API is great for cartographers, designers and developers to create slick, quick vector maps with all the detail of Ordnance Survey data.

Access Premium data for free

A combination of OpenData and use of up to £1000 of free premium data every month, interactive and customisable basemapping is available to all.

Customisable Cartography

Choose from prebuilt OS cartographic styles or restyle your mapping to make it your own. Customisable vector data can be styled to suit your needs. 

Powerful interactive mapping

Combining the detail of selectable OS MasterMap features for detailed analysis into an interactive web or mobile map allows you to design truly powerful vector maps.

Ideal for interactive maps

Ideal for interactive maps

OS Vector Tile API can be used with most web mapping libraries including Mapbox GL JS, Leaflet, OpenLayers and ArcGIS API for JavaScript. Vector Tiles have the benefit of being optimised for use across the internet and are perfect for interactive web maps.

Zoom, pan, rotate, tilt and even extrude 3D buildings. We have lots of online support to help you get started and find inspiration; from detailed documentation to copy and paste code examples.

Design the right map for you

Design the right map for you

With OS Vector Tile API you have a choice between using Ordnance Survey styles or creating your own. You can customise the content and style to create a map that perfectly meets your needs. Design a map that matches your brand or get creative and add some cartographic flair to your application.

OS Vector Tile API can really help bring your data visualisations to life.

Benefit from vector data

Benefit from vector data

Vector Tiles combine the benefits of map tiling with the power and flexibility of vector data. With OS Vector Tile API you can select and interact with the individual map features. The OS MasterMap features contain their TOIDs (a unique identifier) so you can filter, select, link and visualise.

Great for cartographers, designers and developers to create slick, quick vector maps with all the detail of Ordnance Survey data.

How to get this product

Technical specification

Key FeaturesWhat this product offers
Format​Vector Tiles (.pbf)
Data Structure​ Vector (512x512px tiles)​
Scale​From National to building-level​
Update Frequency​OS MasterMap Topography Layer - six-weekly OS Open Zoomstack - six-monthly
Projection​British National Grid (EPSG: 27700) and Web Mercator (EPSG: 3857)
Availability​99.9% uptime ​
Supply​Access via the OS Data Hub
Coverage​Great Britain​