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Public Sector Geospatial Agreement (PSGA)

We're making changes to how you can access and share our world-leading geospatial data.

About the PSGA

The PSGA sets out how Ordnance Survey (OS) provides world-leading location expertise to the public sector, developers and OS Partners across Britain – to support the delivery of critical infrastructure and services – from blue lights to streetlights. 

The agreement builds on what we currently offer, with:

  • New, richer data  
  • New ways to access our data 
  • New freedoms to share data  
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What are the latest changes and what do they mean for me?

New ways to access our data products

Currently, all PSGA members have access to more OS products, including AddressBase Islands and OS MasterMap Water Network Layer.

Members and our partners also have access to a new plug-and-play product – AddressBase Core providing 33 million addresses across GB in a simple-to-use, flat-file dataset.

As well as more data, anyone can access OS OpenData products via download or APIs, completely free.

There are four new OS OpenData identifier products: OS Open UPRN, OS Open USRN, OS Open TOID and OS Open Linked Identifiers. These will help you link and analyse data.

Our easy-to-use OS Data Hub

The new OS Data Hub went live on 1 July 2020. This digital platform replaces the OS OpenData portal for all users, and the API shop for our partners.

Anyone can find and access OS OpenData by download and APIs. OS Partners and public sector members can also access premium data, including OS MasterMap Topography Layer, with new APIs.

From the new OS Data Hub you can: 

  • Get free access to OS premium data (up to the royalty-free threshold of £1,000 per calendar month, or in development mode under the Premium Plan. Unlimited use for PSGA members under the Public Sector Plan)
  • Use OS OpenData via APIs with free, unlimited usage 
  • Easily download OS OpenData
  • Access OS data through manual and automated downloads 
  • Monitor your usage and orders  
  • Report and track any errors and omissions
  • Enjoy improved developer support and documentation
  • Get in-app notifications on future developments

The OS Data Hub will replace OS Orders and our API shop giving all our customers one, mobile-friendly platform with a single sign-on making it even easier to manage the OS data you use. 

New APIs to provide up to date access to our most current products

OS Partners can access OS premium data over and above the free threshold of £1,000 each calendar month. Enter your card payment details and you will automatically be billed for transactions above this at the end of each month, or each time you use an additional £2,000 worth of transactions. The amount billed will be based on transactional fees shown in our pricing plan. Public sector members can also access the same APIs, with addition of OS Places API, free at the point of use.

Anyone can access our authoritative, maintained OS OpenData for personal or commercial use through many of these APIs as well.

Customers on the Premium Plan who create or build APIs there'll also be a free threshold up to £1,000 per calendar month for you to use the premium datasets to develop apps, products and services for use by third parties, including the public – using our or your own  APIs.

Public Sector Plan users have unlimited access of Premium data APIs. 

New ways to share data

Our Open ID policy should help you join datasets and improve how our data works with yours.

We’ve also added property extents data for land ownership and local authority planning to the derived data you can publish under open government licence.

Driving innovation in location data

To stimulate innovation, customers on the Premium Plan can use premium data for free up to £1,000 per calendar month, or in development mode – to design, develop and launch applications.

We’ve also lowered royalties by up to 80% for offline use of data – including valuable property-level address data.

What next?

We’ll keep you updated as more products come on stream. And we have an ambitious roadmap in how we’re developing our authoritative, world-leading data.

Our work with expert user groups will bring improvements and new developments with real impact. This collaboration and learning will directly support the vision and outcomes of the Geospatial Commission’s National Geospatial Strategy.

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How the PSGA supports Britain

The agreement represents a significant investment in the Government's world-leading geospatial asset and will see OS helping to generate economic value to the UK over ten years.

The changes we’re introducing under the PSGA support increased interoperability between important national and local government datasets.

With these greater freedoms to better access and share our data, we're encouraging innovation and allowing new opportunities for OS Partners, developers and public sector organisations. 

The PSGA replaced the PSMA for England and Wales on 1 April 2020, and OSMA for Scotland on 19 May 2020. All PSMA and OSMA members who held, accessed or used OS premium data after this were considered to have accepted the PSGA Member Licence terms. 

FAQs about the PSGA