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OS Net RINEX data

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27-Jul-2021, 09:40 BST - The previous problem with RINEX 2 format data derived from a RINEX 3 format supply has now been fixed. From 00:00 27th July 2021 (GPS time),  RINEX 2 format data on this site is derived from RINEX 3 format data. The only difference to "native" RINEX 2 format data is more information in the header. Any users that have problems with the data please contact us using the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of this page.

We are also pleased to have the new station for Edinburgh, EDIB, now available.

Work is progressing on updating this site to offer users RINEX 3 format data (GPS+GLO+GAL+BDS - all possible observables) in addition to the current RINEX 2 format data (GPS+GLO basic L1 and L2 observables).
OS Net RINEX 3 format data is already available at the EPOS GNSS Data Gateway . EPOS covers the whole of Europe but the map can be filtered and searched for OS Net sites. Use 'Advanced Search | File Info' to restrict file results to certain dates.

Use the tool below to find stations and request data. The "search location" field expects a coordinate or grid reference see Help with input formats. Data is available for 45 days. See the "Useful links" box to download individual hourly files. The recommended maximum order size is approximately 144 station hours which is equivalent to 6stns @ 24hours. Orders larger than this may not complete correctly. The maximum number of stations that can be searched for is 20.

Find stations by coordinates

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Note: satellite navigation data is no longer provided by this service. This data can come from users' own receiver data files. Alternatively, navigation data files can be downloaded from the Internet. For guidance on how to download navigation files see Broadcast ephemeris data from CDDIS. Follow the instruction on downloading the merged broadcast ephemeris file identified by "brdc".

Scientific and other users with an interest in historic GNSS data older than 45 days should visit the NERC British Isles continuous GNSS Facility (BIGF) www.bigf.ac.uk, which is operated by Nottingham Geospatial Institute (www.nottingham.ac.uk/ngi) at the University of Nottingham. BIGF archives all OS active station data, along with data from other continuous GNSS (GPS+GLONASS) stations in the UK, holding data that go back as far as 1997, for some stations.

OS Net reference station coordinate listing. This link opens up a comma delimited text file (15 KB) of ETRS89 coordinates of all OS Net stations, current and superceded. Coordinates are given as both cartesian (X, Y, Z) and geodetic (Lat, Long, Height). The OSGB36 National Grid km square reference and antenna height are also given.

The 'current' receiver and antenna types for any data supplied are included in the RINEX headers (and can be seen using any standard text editor). For more details on a particular station, including a history of any changes in the receiver and antenna types see this summary table. Full IGS-style station log files for all OS Net stations are available to download via NERC BIGF. OS Net station metadata and IGS-style site logs can also be browsed on the M3G portal. M3G covers most of Europe but the list of sites can be filtered by country. Select the 'Stations' tab near the top of the page to bring up the list of sites.

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