Collective shared intelligence

Unlocking insights from multi-stakeholder data

Location is a powerful unifying factor. It has the potential to unlock actionable insights from the volumes of data being collected today, especially when shared, combined, and returned as collective intelligence, that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Where insight is only achievable by multiple organisations collaborating, challenges of interoperability, privacy, and security are all significant barriers to combining and transforming siloed data into valuable intelligence.

Complex data ecosystems made easy

OS Collective Shared Intelligence enables communities of data owners to combine and share their data safely and securely, resulting in insights that would otherwise be impossible to achieve.

Drawing on OS’s experience in data harmonisation, data management, plus security, regulatory, and privacy management, Collective Shared Intelligence provides a proven methodology to build and operate complex data ecosystems, focused on delivering valuable and transformative insights.

Control and security

A resilient data security and collaborative trust model that gives data owners full control over how their data is accessed and used.

Powerful insights

Unlock insights unobtainable with individual data inputs, through full interoperability and harmonisation of datasets.

Trusted and neutral

OS's unique position connects public and private sectors, and provides an unbiased platform on which to collect and build intelligence.


OS can deliver stability and support of collective intelligence for multi-year or multi-decade programmes.

Collective Shared Intelligence in action

National Energy Systems Map (NESM)

Unlocking Net Zero in Great Britain

A single view of the energy network is critical for network operators to reach their Net Zero climate change targets. One that enables real-time demand monitoring and consumption, as well as identifying where renewable energy sources can be most effectively integrated into the grid.

On behalf of the Energy Networks Association (ENA), OS created the National Energy Systems Map (NESM), an integrated, digital energy system map, covering the entirety of Great Britain.

Working with 1Spatial, OS integrated, interpreted, and visualised data from multiple network operators at a national level within a secure access-controlled platform. The project delivers shared intelligence to significantly improve investment decisions, support the UK’s world-leading local flexibility markets, and help bring new renewable connections to the energy networks.

National Underground Asset Register (NUAR)

The National Underground Asset Register (NUAR) is a digital map of underground pipes and cables that will revolutionise the way we install, maintain, operate, and repair our buried infrastructure.

Overseen by the Geospatial Commission, NUAR is designed to reduce accidental strikes, prevent loss of life and injury, and deliver an estimated £490 million per year of economic growth through increased efficiency.

OS has played a central role alongside partners AtkinsRéalis and 1Spatial in designing and delivering NUAR. Our collaboration draws together data from hundreds of asset owners into a single, access-controlled data sharing platform, from which collective intelligence of the nation’s sub-surface infrastructure is shared.

Watch the video to learn more about NUAR

Aerial view of housing in Wales

Helping utility providers better support vulnerable customers

Water and energy companies have a duty to prioritise targeted assistance for vulnerable customers, for example during service disruptions.

Utilities companies are mandated by regulators to ensure a seamless experience for vulnerable customers by sharing priority data. However, this sharing has been ad hoc at best with data siloed across local authorities and utility companies, plus legal and GDPR complexity due to the sensitive and personal nature of the data.

OS successfully piloted a data sharing approach in partnership with six utility companies, Microsoft and Accenture within an Ofwat innovation fund. The result is secure hub that allows the sharing of hundreds of thousands of Priority Services Register records within strict GDPR parameters, controlling access to sensitive personal information whilst allowing collective intelligence to flow back to utilities and local authorities in the event of an emergency or service outage.

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