International services

At Ordnance Survey we have years of experience providing geospatial services to countries across the world and helping your nation see its potential

What we do

Our international services and solutions are tailored to meet each client’s unique needs

Work begins with a discovery programme to understand how you and your stakeholders will benefit from geospatial information. We’ll then develop a tailored suite of services with you to maximise the value of accurate geospatial data and its growth potential for your nation. We can use our experience to help you in lots of ways.

Our international team

Our experts are available to help with tailored services and solutions

How OS can help

Consultancy services

Work with OS experts to inform capacity and capability building

  • Geospatial readiness assessment 

  • Return on investment assessment 

  • National Spatial Data Infrastructure 

  • Skills transfer and training 

  • Strategy design 

Geospatial solutions

Acquire and process data using OS technology services

  • Set-up and optimisation of geodesy networks 

  • Remote sensing and cartographic design 

  • Data infrastructure design and build 

  • National geospatial database creation and maintenance 

  • Geospatial data hub

Land solutions

Understand, record and classify land information effectively

  • Geodetic/positioning infrastructure optimisation 

  • Automatic feature extraction and change detection

  • National land classification 

  • Land parcel capture and maintenance 

See your nation's potential

Discover how geospatial data can help your nation grow and develop

Our comprehensive guide will explain geospatial information, driving economic growth and navigating challenges effectively.

Underlying geospatial challenges

Find out how geospatial information helps nations navigate challenges such as population growth, urbanisation and climate change

How organisations are using OS data

Read success stories of how OS has helped nations achieve sustainable, socio-economic growth for their citizens and environments

Why choose OS

Why choose Ordnance Survey?

We’re Great Britain’s National Mapping Agency, with over 230 years’ experience in producing accurate location data and insight

We help the UK Government make smart decisions, UK businesses gain a data-edge, and everyone experience the outdoors more often.

We can help you achieve the same in your jurisdiction. We can help you produce, optimise and integrate detailed and accurate mapping and data which can be used and shared across your government departments to underpin evidence-based policy making.

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